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With only 4 months until her wedding day, Sam was secretly dreading how she might look in her dress and in the wedding photos.  She decided to tackle her frustrations head on and take charge.

After joining ATP, Sam lost 8kg and an amazing 10cm around her waist!  Her confidence skyrocketed and her big day became an unforgettable and happy memory, free of any frustrations or worries about how she looked.

Today Sam talks about the steps she took to take control and feel confident in her own skin.

“I have so much more confidence! " 

"As cheesy as it sounds, I really can’t thank you guys enough for what you have done for me. It really has changed my life and the way I feel about any events I have coming up. I always looked forward to my wedding but I did dread thinking about what I would look like on the day when you’re supposed to look your best. I couldn’t see how I was going to achieve ‘my best’ and I was really stuck in a cycle of fluctuating weight and never really feeling satisfied with the results. I am so much more confident and optimistic now, I no longer shy away from situations for fear of being judged on my appearance. Thank you! I am forever grateful!"

What was your initial motivation to join ATP?

 My initial motivation came from being very fed up with my appearance. 2019 was always going to be a big year for me with a milestone birthday and my wedding. I didn’t want to look back in years to come and not like any of the photos of me.

Living in Hong Kong, where you are always out eating and drinking, I found it hard to get into a routine which worked for me. I found myself steadily putting on weight and not being able to shift any significant amount. I needed to change my approach entirely; ATP has definitely done that for me!


Discover how the ATP Method can change your body, your mindset and your life.

Perfect wedding day

"I now totally look forward to our wedding day without any dread of those unflattering photos"

What changed when you started working with your coach?

I found consistency in a routine, and in understanding what effective nutrition looks like. I used to diet and eat salads for weeks on end but never saw the effect I wanted. ATP has given me the understanding to be able to make adjustments to my routine by myself,  which is something I can continue to do in the future.


How has training at ATP helped you work towards/achieve your goals. 

I am now fully looking forward to our wedding day and am no longer dreading any unflattering photos of bingo wings or a pot belly!  I’m actually excited for my dress fitting, rather than worrying about it. I also had my birthday; it was great to not worry about my appearance so much, especially when all eyes are on you. I have so much more confidence, and I even argue less with my partner about what I am going to wear!

"I feel so much better in the way I look, I feel comfortable in my clothes, I can wear pretty much anything in my wardrobe again"

How would you describe your experience at ATP personal training?

It's a total lifestyle change. Not in a radical, “lets only eat kale” way, but more a shift in lifestyle, which makes it sustainable. I thought the gym workouts were very well thought out and I could see myself progressing through the phases as I got stronger and fitter. 

The coaching and support has been outstanding.  I felt like anything I came to the team with was understood and incorporated into our program. At ATP they understand that everyone has a social life, commitments and work,but still I always felt the programs were achievable.

"It really has changed my life and how I feel.”

Samantha, Google Review

I highly recommend ATP to anyone who is trying to improve their overall fitness ATP is fantastic! Very knowledgeable trainers, relaxed and friendly atmosphere and great results. The trainers are very approachable and Bianca (my PT) has helped me to make adjustments to my lifestyle which will have lasting results. The gym itself is in a great location, all brand new with the best equipment. I couldn't recommend them highly enough!"

Sam totally overhauled her physique and rebooted her lifestyle in just a matter of months doing personal training with ATP’s world class coaches. Creating a sustainable lifestyle change.

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