ATP's Mission is to improve the health and confidence of our clients enabling them to sustain their improved fitness to lead healthier and happier lives.

The fitness industry is very competitive and in order to be successful, meeting the needs of our clients is paramount.

Therefore our coaches are the elite of the industry and we are always looking for individuals who respect and embody our values.


All ATP employees reflect the diversity of the communities that we serve. They are expected to respect diversity, work as a team and collaborate to enable a positive impact on each other and our clients.


Our coaches care deeply about the success of our clients. They are focused on their success and are accountable to their goals and how to achieve them.

Our coaches are measured on how effective they are in the success of each and every client be that physical transformation, improved health and overall performance.

Our coaches are experts in their own right and demonstrate a healthy lifestyle through their personal commitment to diet, nutrition and activity.

Personal Development

With our help our coaches are expected to continuously develop themselves.

To underpin this we've created our own proprietary education system (ATP Foundation Training) to ensure every coach is current in the latest developments in the areas of fitness and nutrition.

In addition we support all of our employees in providing assistance in furthering their education.

Combined with our in-house body composition and progress tracking system our coaches work closely amongst themselves and with our clients as a team.

Safety and Sustainability

Every coach ensures the safety of all our clients during their transformation.

They educate each client how to perform the various activities in our facilities to avoid injury and work in close cooperation with medical professionals to work with clients who have any previous issues that have prevented them from being as active as they can be.

Our coaches ensure that each client has the relevant knowledge to sustain their transformation for life.

If you want to be part of our team, we want to hear from you.

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Singapore / Hong Kong

All our employees are expected to embody our values of Respect, Performance, Personal Development and Sustainability.

In addition we apply each component of what we do from our values, accountabilities and approach to education to the causes we support.

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