Change your Lifestyle, 

Change your Life. 

Become the best version of yourself.



We believe that each and every client possesses the ability to transform themselves, becoming the best they can possibly be.  

Our role is to coach and mentor you on your journey.


Transformation means creating a sustainable legacy of health and fitness for you whether that is through a physical transformation, improved performance, improved health or a combination of these.  

While a physical transformation is probably the most obvious goal and can lead to improvements in a large number of health markers, our work transcends what we do in the gym.  We help you by providing guidance so that you can make the right choices with respect to your daily routine, nutrition, and activity (DNA) enabling you to adopt healthy behaviours and integrate these behaviours into your everyday life.

A successful result means that you successfully achieve your initial goals and, through the process of doing so, set the stage for a lifetime of health by arming you with the right information to make the right choices to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  

ATP brings the following to help you on this journey:


Our coaches are different in the following ways:

1. Accountability: They are focused on your development and are accountable to you in helping you decide on your goals and working with you to achieve them.   Each coach is measured on how effective they are in your success be that physical transformation, physical performance, and/or overall improved health.

2. Development:  Our coaches are also focused on their own personal development.  Each trainer is required to complete the ATP Foundation Certification Program within 3 weeks of joining ATP.  This involves a focus on personal and professional development and a minimum commitment to 4 hours of in-house professional development each week.

3. Walk the talk:  Our coaches are ambassadors of the service we are providing and demonstrate a healthy lifestyle through their personal commitment to diet, nutrition and activity and documenting those results.

4. Customised Diet, Nutrition, and Activity Plan – Your plan is customized for you and is based on your goals wherever you are on your journey.  The initial consultation process allows the trainer to create a diet, nutrition and activity plan that will ultimately help the client achieve their initial goals.  Once the initial goals are attained, we can continue the journey with ongoing customized programs to meet your changing needs.

5. Passion- Our coaches are passionate about helping you to reach your goals. We care deeply about the success of our clients.


Performance tracking is extremely important as it allows the trainer and you to review and understand your progression.

It also allows us to celebrate success with you and to demonstrate how far you have come on your journey. At ATP we track body composition, body weight, exercise performance, overall health markers (as shared by the client) and also document progress through photo and video.  


There are 168 hours in a week and on average a client will spend less than 2% of those in the gym with their coach.  

Therefore it is imperative that you have access to your coach to gain support outside of training hours. You have access to your coach via Whatsapp and email to seek guidance, support, and to have any questions answered when you are not physically you’re your trainer.  This might mean having a restaurant meal vetted and approved, or it might mean checking in for your morning cardio session, whatever you need we will provide the right level of support.


While we want any transformation to be achieved as efficiently as possible we also are aware that doing so safely is very important.  This is evident in the following:

1. Ensuring that you are taught how to perform various exercises in the gym to avoid injury and to work with you on any previous issues that have prevented you from being as active as you would like to be. 

2. Creating a legacy of health and fitness and avoiding harmful practices that are not sustainable and lead only to a ‘photo opp’ transformation. For example placing you on a needlessly strict diet, unsustainable volume and intensity of training, and/or extreme cardiovascular exercise to merely burn calories. 

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