LT and Shirley run a successful healthy meal delivery business but they needed the accountability of an ATP Personal Training Coach to transform their health


"We joined ATP because we wanted to lose weight and feel good...I had some underlying back issues and I really needed to get back in shape.".


"We're happier, more energetic, more focussed at work."

What changes have you seen so far?

We both feel stronger every day, with a lot more energy going to work. Overall the journey here with ATP has been great.

We learned to embrace a new lifestyle, a healthy lifestyle. That was something that we thought that we were always eating right or we tried to get the right food. But joining ATP with their expertise, they taught us all the right things.

LT, why did you decide that it was the right time to work with ATP Personal Training?

I’m one of the business owners of a health meal company and not a young man anymore. I joined ATP because I wanted to lose weight and feel good for my health.  I was extremely fat before and that made me pretty unhealthy.

I had some underlying  back injuries and I really needed to get back in shape.  Coming to ATP Personal Training was a very good decision and a good investment. It has helped me boost my self confidence. It has given me much better health.

Shirley, how has the experience matched your expectations?

I thought I’m here just to lose weight but I think my coach Celine has actually given me a different perspective. I think it’s more like a lifestyle change. If I want to live long and to be able to be active and healthy all the way, I really should train hard now.

Celine, how did you approach coaching Shirley?

At the beginning I focussed on getting the  momentum of exercising and also learning all of the different exercises in the gym. It’s not easy for somebody who has never done weight training in the gym to start doing so many different exercises, and also being able to do it properly. So I think it’s also teaching that technique and also making sure that she does it in a safe manner as well.

Wei Hong, were there any challenged in working with self confessed “Foodies”?

The biggest struggle was with food because LT is a big foodie. Every day he’ll confess to me that he snacked on a little bit of stuff, but sometimes that’s not the end so I have to rely on Shirley to tell on him and-tell me how much he has snacked.

Every day I have to give him feedback because every day he’ll have a new story to tell me.. So I had to compromise and I know I can’t force him to undergo a strict diet because what I’m trying to achieve is a total lifestyle change.

So instead of forcing, I’m trying to impart my knowledge to him and so that he can make better informed decision about food choices. And over time I’m just there to give him feedback.

If the greatest challenge was food, second would be working around his old injuries. He used to be very active and suffered many injuries. When he came to me he had inflammation in his shoulder. So I had to tweak his workout a bit and change the workout so that I can still work on his specific muscle without aggravating his shoulder injury. He trusted me with the programming.  Fortunately, his shoulder inflammation is gone and recently he give me a big surprise that his knee injury was due to him running. Then I told him to tone down a little bit because he can go overboard, then he surprised me again by running even more and aggravating his injury even more. So I have to… Every week I had a new challenges, so he’ll give me surprises and I have to come out with ways to mitigate the issue.

Shirley, comparing yourself from day one to now, what would you say is the change?

Before I couldn’t run. Running was something that I was passionate when I was in my 30s. But today I’m able to run long distance like 10 km in about one hour.

I think I surprised a lot of friends that this is my running speed. And I can go on for a long distance walking like 15km without feeling any strain at all.

My golf game also improved, I can now do four or five hours golfing without feeling tired. So this is something amazing. 

Body wise I’m more toned. I’ve dropped 13 kg already. My pants waist has gone from size 30 to size 24. And my high cholesterol and high blood pressure are actually much improved.

So I’m happier, more energetic, more focussed at work. 

How about you LT?

I came here with the objective of not just losing weight, I had a bad injury. I was getting constant attacks of back pain.

With the training, I haven’t had an attack for the last four months or five months. That’s a marked improvement. The other was building up more strength in the body, especially my legs. 

When I was big and heavy, climbing up the stairs was a struggle. So now that has become effortless. I feel a lot more energetic, I now have the alertness through the day to do my work better.

It’s the physical transformation that boosts my self-confidence. It makes me feel good. Friends, family and colleagues, give us the feedback these are the transformations. So those are very encouraging as well. 

I took care of my back problem, I feel a lot stronger and better, I feel a lot lighter, I can fit into smaller sized clothing which is nice.

Looking good making you feel good.

I think overall it’s been great. I think the biggest benefit, the takeaway for me is the whole knowledge about lifestyle change, what to eat, what not to eat and make some conscious decision on… Again, it is not all about diet and you cannot eat anything, you can but you just have to be knowledgeable and make the adjustment.

We learned to embrace a new lifestyle, a healthy lifestyle. I think that was something that we thought that we always eating right or we tried to get the right food. But I think joining ATP with the expertise, they taught us all the right things.

What has been the effect of you getting fitter, healthier on the people who are close to you?


Because of all this training program we are doing the same thing. We are able to exercise together, we can eat the same thing together, so we are encouraging each other to work towards the goal.

Then when we go to work, our employees in the office, our business associates, they look at us, wow, this is amazing. And this gives them the confidence in how we conduct our business as well.

We share the stories with them about how we want to live this healthy lifestyle. So we inspire them and they too want a healthy lifestyle. They too want to exercise a bit more. So we felt very good we are helping other people as well as helping each other.

If there is one thing that you can recommend to those people who want to start, what would that be?


I think the one recommendation I would give is to get onto a fitness program, make a commitment. It’s a long-term commitment to a lifestyle change. Get  some professional help. That’s really important. We came to ATP, you guys are professional. We learned from it. It’s an experience that we had, it’s experience that we share.

We have inspired many of our friends and relatives, they have told us that they want to go make a commitment, make a change. Begin with a commitment, we’ve seen the result, we’ve seen the transformation.


I would recommend ATP. Get a good coach, get a coach like Celine who will share the knowledge with you, believe in you and put in a lot of effort to understand you and help you build the strength.

"Make a commitment. It's a long-term commitment to a lifestyle change. Get some professional help. That's really important."

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"The personal training experience with ATP has been awesome. My trainer Celine is always helpful, and super encouraging. She is also knowledgeable, always ready to answer all the questions I have. With help from Celine, I have dropped 13kgs in 5 months and achieved a healthy BMI. There is sweat but no anxiety and I always look forward to my training sessions with her. Celine has made my body much stronger and now I am capable of running regularly and lifting heavier weights. She has helped me to develop a positive mindset towards a healthier lifestyle. Amazing result ! Highly recommended ATP Personal Training and coach Celine to all my friends."