Sophie seized her last chance to be healthier, fitter and slimmer before her 30th birthday and lost 8kg in the first 7 weeks.
But let’s forget about the numbers. There is so much more to this story.
Here she reveals how her confidence has skyrocketed, from wearing only baggy clothes that hid her figure, to buying her first ever crop top.


“I started seeing results immediately”

Sophie came to ATP wanting to enter her 30s looking and feeling her best. After her weight slowly but steadily crept up over the last few years, Sophie was struggling to lose the weight on her own.

What was it that motivated you to take your first step with ATP?

This year I am turning 30 and I wanted to go into my 30s feeling my best. I’ve always been up and down with my weight and over the past few years the pounds have started to creep back on again.

I was trying to lose weight on my own but was struggling to do so. I felt like I needed some guidance with my training as I was just doing the same old thing. I also felt like I needed help with my diet.

Working Closely with her ATP Coach Bianca, Sophie began to see results immediately. Sophie’s biggest hurdle was overcoming her own mindset.

"ATP educated me on my diet and my training. Once I started seeing results everything became that much easier."

What have you overcome to achieve your success at ATP?

I have overcome my inner saboteur. Part of you wants to be in shape and part of you wants to forget all about fitness and eat everything in sight. Once I saw the weight coming off and learnt about finding the right balance, everything became that much easier.

What have you achieved, since working with ATP?

A lifestyle change. Not only have I lost weight but I have also been educated on training and nutrition.

Sophie’s journey at ATP wasn’t the easiest. There was a lot more to overcome.

I was diagnosed with endometriosis meaning sometimes I’m in a lot of pain and training is usually the last thing on my mind. After explaining this to my coach and factoring it into my training, I actually found that I can still train by doing a lighter programme during these times or changing some of the exercises. This is something I never thought I would be able to do.

"Now I enjoy going shopping and trying on clothes. I've even bought clothes that I never thought I would wear."

Do you feel different about yourself in any way since you started personal training with us?

I feel a lot more confident. Shopping used to be a daunting task as I used to try on clothes and they would feel tight and look unflattering. Now, I enjoy going shopping and trying on clothes. I’ve even bought clothes that I never thought I would wear.

On top of transforming her health and physique, Sophie was able to learn all the skills she needed for long term sustainability. These benefits transcended the physical and had positive effects on her mental health and well-being, leaving her feeling good on the inside and out.

If there’s one thing you’d recommend to someone who’s about to start their fitness journey, what would it be?

Just go for it. The knowledge the coaches have is incredible and the support you get through the whole process is amazing. You can also maintain a social life. Just because you’re dieting doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy meals out with friends or social gatherings.

What has been the greatest difference in your life since working with ATP?

Feeling more confident and the positive impact it has had on my mental health.

How would you describe your experience at ATP personal training, from the gym workouts, nutritional coaching and support?

The whole experience has been incredible. The sessions were enjoyable but also challenged me. The support and education on nutrition was very helpful. Bianca is a great coach and gave me so much support.

"The support you get through the whole process is amazing."

Sophie totally overhauled her physique and rebooted her lifestyle in just a matter of months doing personal training with ATP’s world class coaches. Creating a sustainable lifestyle change.