Hollywood Actor and Producer Byron Mann tells us how he lost 15 pounds and got into the best shape of his career for his new movie “Hong Kong Love Story” thanks to ATP Personal Training

Byron Mann Amazing Body at 53 Thanks To ATP Personal Training

While producing and also starring in the film, Byron was able to maintain his laser focus on his body transformation goals, even during a pandemic and lockdown.

"Without a doubt, when I need results, I work with ATP Personal Training to get them."

What was your original motivation for signing up with ATP Personal Training, and what is your motivation to continue working with us?

I had to prepare for a film, Hong Kong Love Story. In the film, there are several scenes in which I have to take my shirt off.  I’ve been in that situation more than once in my career, so I knew that looking lean and defined on-screen goes a long way to make my character – and the film as a whole - look good.  That really was my main motivation: to get some sort of a six-pack, and some muscle definition.  I didn’t need to look like Dwayne Johnson!

Going forward, I would not hesitate to keep working with ATP regardless of whether I need to look good on screen, if I need to prepare for action in a film, or even if I just want to stay in shape in general.

The work that’s involved with ATP Personal Training is not easy, to be honest.  I would not have the kind of drive to push myself through that many repetitions, and that many different sets of exercises in a one hour span.  I wouldn’t have the knowledge to know where to start.   So without a doubt, if I need results, I work with ATP Personal Training to get them.

Byron Mann Muscle Gain Workout at ATP Personal Training

How would you compare yourself on day 1 to now, in terms of fitness, mindset, physique, and health?

I trained for just 12 weeks with ATP Personal Training.  During that period, I’ve lost almost 9% in body fat and about 15 pounds.  I wasn’t overweight to begin with, so seeing myself transform with each passing week was startling and exciting.  At the beginning of each week, my trainer would measure my weight and body fat level.  Initially, I thought that process was a little “much.”  But after 2-3 weeks of hard work, I got into it.  I wanted to lose the body fat as much as my coaches did.  It kind of became a mission.

From a purely cosmetic standpoint, I look leaner and fitter.  I feel lighter and stronger.  Interestingly, as a by-product of losing the excess body fat, and building more muscle, I actually look younger, I’ve been told. So, from a fitness, physique, and health standpoint, it’s been hugely rewarding.

"In 6-8 weeks, the change was categorically noticeable. Everyone said I look trimer, I look fitter, I lost weight, I look younger, etc."

Chinese Movie Star Byron Mann After Fat Loss Transformation at ATP Personal Training

What do you think has been your greatest achievement since trusting ATP Personal Training with your health and fitness journey?

My greatest personal achievement from working with ATP has been the result: that I could look defined, lean and cut on screen.  That’s never quite happened to me before, as much as I’ve tried.  I’ve looked pretty good on other shows before, but on this film – Hong Kong Love Story – there was nowhere to hide.  I either look good with my shirt off, or I don’t.   It’s ironic that it took a romantic comedy for me to get into the best shape of my career!

Byron Mann Preparing For His Movie Role In Hong Kong Love Story at ATP Personal Training

"I actually look younger, I've been told. So, from a fitness, physique, and health standpoint, it's been hugely rewarding"

How has your lifestyle changed as a result of working with ATP Personal Training?

The most important change has been cutting down on my sugar intake. Before working with ATP, I didn’t realize there was so much sugar hidden in so many forms of food and drink.  For example, sports drinks like Gatorade and Pocari are usually my go-to drinks when I work out, but now I take flavored salt tablets instead, which have zero sugar in them.  I also try to walk more.  Rather than taking an escalator in the subway station, I may now choose to take the stairs instead. More steps translate to more calories burned, which translates to a fitter body.

I worked out regularly before, but now I have more knowledge and can be more specific with how I train and how often.  I find that the best thing ATP has given me is knowledge: a lack of it can hurt you.  With knowledge and execution, you get results.

What effect has your transformation had on those that are close to you; has it inspired or motivated them to take action?

I would say within a month of working with my ATP Personal Trainer, my friends started noticing a difference in my physique – and that’s with me being fully clothed.  That was really surprising to me.  In 6-8 weeks, the change was categorically noticeable.  Everyone said I look trimmer, I look fitter, I lost weight, I look younger, etc.  Again, that’s me being fully clothed, sometimes wearing a suit.  And still the result was obvious.

"The best thing ATP Personal Training has given me is knowledge: a lack of it can hurt you."

Byron Mann Working Out at ATP Personal Training

What has been the greatest difference in your life since working with ATP Personal Training?

I feel stronger and lighter, I look leaner and more defined.  It’s like being given a new body, except I had to work for it.

What do you think the people closest to you would say has been the biggest change in your lifestyle?

All my friends have noticed that I’ve lost weight and look leaner and fitter.  Quite a few have already signed on with ATP Personal Training because they wanted to lose weight, or get over nagging injuries, etc.   I didn’t have to convince them.  They took one look at me, and basically said, “Who do I call?”

Byron Mann with his ATP Personal Training Coaches Alex Hunter and Jay Horley

"Invest in yourself. You can’t put a price on that"


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