After shooting 100s of fitness photoshoots Professional Photographer Keith finally decided it was time to get his own body photoshoot-ready

After personally witnessing the results of dozens of transformations at ATP Personal Training Keith knew that the accountability and structure that comes form working with our approach would work for him.

"This year I decided to finally do my own body transformation because I wanted to walk-the-walk and become and inspiration for my clients and friends."

Keith was stressed out by his work- he was glued to his phone and spending hours on his laptop editing images. He had fallen into some bad routines with his diet- he didn’t have any rules that he stuck to- anything goes. And he was limiting himself to one, large, unregimented meal each day where he could eat anything he wanted.


What prompted you to work with ATP Personal Training?

As a professional photographer I have captured many different kind of athletes and worked with many clients who have successfully completed their own physical transformations.  I’ve been shooting ATP clients for a few years now and I’m always impressed by the results I see the ATP team achieving with clients.

So this year I decided to finally do my own body transformation because I wanted to walk-the-walk and become and inspiration for my clients and friends.

"Hitting my goal required persistence and consistency and my coach was there every step of the way to keep me on track when I needed help"

Before starting a transformation program with ATP, Keith was spending all of his working hours on fitness shoots and it had created a frustration and internalised belief that he wasn’t ready or able to make the commitment to himself to get in shape and reclaim his health.
We overhauled elements of his lifestyle and used our comprehensive D.N.A. approach to upgrading clients’ bodies and health by assessing and gradually upgrading his Daily Routine, Nutrition and Activity including his in-gym workouts.

Daily Routine:

Obviously Keith’s job involves hours in at his computer editing photoshoots. We mitigated the hours spent in front of a screen and ensured that he was locking in better circadian rhythms. We encouraged him to start the day with some sunlight in the mornings and to use blue-light blocking technology on his laptops and phone at night.

In addition Keith added in an evening walk most days. This helped him to decompress from the stresses of work before bed and added in some extra low level activity and movement to boost his metabolic rate.

"When I first started I honestly didn’t think I could achieve this. Now I know if you Believe in yourself and come to ATP you can obtain your dream body."


Keith was overconsuming carbs and undereating protein- partly due to only eating one meal per day. We flipped this paradigm and increased the frequency of his meals and the amount of protein.

He switched up to eating more meals and instantly felt improvements in his energy which had a positive impact on his daily energy levels and focus at work.

"Thanks to ATP PERSONAL TRAINING I have lost 27 pounds of weight and dropped 13% body fat."


Keith covered the basics- he trained 3 times per week at our gym with his ATP personal training coach and then completed additional workout sessions a couple of times per week on his own. He aimed for 10,000 steps each day to boost his background levels of movement.  This was relatively straightforward to implement.

His resistance training program was geared towards making progress in strength every session on each lift rather than just chasing pointless volume and trying to do more work, a common trap which he had fallen into in the past.