Go crazy with Unlimited Personal Training

We have had good success with our limited availability ‘unlimited’ package, so if you really want to get into your transformation with gusto you should get in touch as soon as possible to lock this in!

We know you’re going to have lots of questions, so we’ve tried to answer everything below!

This super value unlimited program includes the following:

  • A comprehensive assessment of your body, ability and needs
  • A nutrition program tailored to fit your lifestyle
  • A training program that matches your current ability and will take you towards achieving your goals.
  • Support, feedback and accountability outside of the gym.
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ATP Personal Training lifestyle advice
Jacky Muscle gain transformation ATP


We audit every part of your lifestyle and provide tailored, step by step instructions for your specific situation.


Our approach to Nutrition is built around scientific principles tailored to your specific lifestyle and preferences.


A proven training system. Your training will be tailored to you. We believe in training hard and training smart.

This is ATP Personal Training client Nicole after 8 weeks of her Unlimited Personal Training package:


Terms & Conditions (we may add or change these without notice!)

  • Please note that this deal only applies to new coaches and is subject to availability.
  • Workouts are limited to 6 times weekly for your own safety and may not be available at all times of day!
  • Clients on regular packages have priority for time slots, so you might not be able to book peak times (before work, lunchtime and after work).
  • A maximum of 2 of these 4-week packages may be purchased at one time by a single client.
  • No breaks, extensions or refunds are allowed once your have started each 4-week package.
  • Transfers are not allowed unless your package is not yet started.
  • If you book a session and don’t show up you will lose one day from the end of your package (the expiry date will be brought 1 day closer).
  • This package is available to new, current or past clients.
  • The same coach may not be available for this package when you renew.
  • Pricing is HK$11,800 per 4-week package, plus a one time signup fee of HK$1,200 for your first package.

This program is only available periodically, so apply today or join our waiting list.   Simply complete and submit the form below.  Or read more about what we offer for clients like yourself at the links below.