Have you wasted hours in the gym and years of your life failing to add muscle?

Adding muscle is both an art and a science. It takes longer to add a pound of muscle to the frame than it does to burn a pound of fat and in a world of quick fixes this can be frustrating.

Building muscle requires patience, perseverance and passion. But all of these are wasted if the the plan you’re following isn’t right for you.

Stop following advice from professional bodybuilders, stop looking to Instagram for answers. The best you will get is generic, cookie cutter programming and a nutrition plan that doesn’t address your lifestyle or your preferences.


Building muscle doesn’t require you to perform countless sets of strange exercises.

It requires a consistent commitment to basic exercises that you can progressively overload. It requires precise execution of these exercises and it requires a nutrition plan that takes into account your current physique and activity level.

With the right program and the right attitude you’ll be able to pack on pounds of lean muscle to your frame whilst avoiding common pitfalls and overuse injuries.


You don’t need to chew down dozens of chicken breasts everyday.

You won’t be required to dirty bulk and gain more fat than muscle.

Instead you’ll be given a realistic plan tailored to your goals, a plan that takes into account your starting physique, your lifestyle stressors, and your preferences.

Your nutrition plan will be tailored to your current level of knowledge and we will provide you with the support and information that will benefit you most.

Building muscle takes genuine commitment; at ATP you’ll discover that we are just as committed to your success as you are.


Your first day at our facility will entail a comprehensive consultation process where we collect vital information which we use to create your own unique training and nutrition plan.

Once we’ve collected all the relevant data, we’ll work closely together to create a detailed plan that works for you.

This collaborative process is vital to ensure we eliminate all the guesswork and formulate a unique plan that acknowledges your existing strengths, relentlessly targets your weak areas and brings up your lagging muscle groups.

Every workout you perform at ATP will be carefully tailored to building muscle and creating an aesthetic physique. Every set and every repetition will take you closer to achieving your goal.



  • You will notice visible muscle definition improvement in the first 2 weeks.
  • Your overall strength with increase.
  • You will have increased energy throughout the day, and more drive to get things done.
  • You will get better, deeper, more restful sleep once you start exercising and eating properly.
  • You’ll have better circadian rhythms with a better sleep/wake cycle.
  • You will be more resilient and less affected by stress.
  • Your body will be more balanced with better muscle structure.
  • You’ll see substantial body composition change. After a few weeks you’ll be brimming with confidence.
  • You’ll have the Instagram ready body that you always dreamed of!


  1. Other commercial gyms are focussed on session numbers and hitting sales targets and personal training is an afterthought product layered onto their gym membership model. Personal Training gyms are either exlcusively focussed on short term, unsustainable transformations or waste their clients time and energy with a rent a friend service.
  2. We do things a little differently. Our gyms are exclusive personal training facilities; all of our coaches work 1 on 1 with their clients. This allows for a remarkably efficient training experience, your entire training session will be tailored to maximise results based around your specific needs.
  3. Unlike other gyms we offer support, feedback and coaching outside of the gym.
  4. Other gyms only focus on training, and sometimes nutrition. We offer a complete service including lifestyle, diet and your non-gym activity.
  5. Other gyms treat their clients like the product, driving them towards photos shoots in a set time period. We place your needs above the needs of our marketing department. We care deeply about the sustainability of the changes that you make.

Every client’s plan of action will be unique. Your D.N.A. (Daily Routine, Nutrition and Activity) plan will be unique – this is not a generic, templated plan.

You will be assigned a dedicated coach. Your coach will take the time to understand you , your history, your goals and motivations to help you to build a customised plan and tailor the long term strategy accordingly.

Your coach will review your progress and measurements and provide clear feedback and advice, as well as act a a strategic advisor to help you make adjustments to your plan as you progress.

Everyone can achieve dramatic results and experience an amazing personal transformation. Your personal coach will tailor the starting level of intensity based around the initial consultation and assessment workout. This will ensure that you are always working towards the edge of your current capacity but not beyond it which would invite sloppy technique, loose form and potential injury. Some of our most dramatic transformations have come from clients who had little to no experience with training and nutrition prior to starting with ATP Personal Training. We’re there alongside you for the entire process and will ensure that you’re properly able to execute on our advice.

Our coaches will ensure that you are ramped up towards exercising intensely over the course of your first week or weeks with us. We take pride in applying the appropriate dose of exercise to match our clients’ existing capacity, there is no benefit to training far beyond your current capacity. In fact, this type of approach will actually be less efficient, place an enormous recovery cost on the body and potentially compromise your structural integrity.

We track bodyweight, body fat percentage and girth measurements to give us a wide array of progress markers.

For most clients as they start the transformation process Weight loss on the scale is a good indicator of progress and you can expect to lose between 0.5kg to 1.0 kg each week. During the early stages this number can be even higher as the body responds to the new program and becomes rapidly less inflamed.