Business owner Oreo got into amazing shape despite working demanding hours in the restaurant business.

“My initial goal when I came to ATP was that I wanted to lose weight, lose a lot of fat and also build muscle.”

What was your motivation for working with ATP Personal Training?

My initial goal when I come ATP was that I actually wanted to lose weight, lose a lot of fat and also build muscle. The motivation for me to continue with ATP is because I see the consistency helped me to achieve really good results and I have  great chemistry with my coach Charis.

What was your fitness level like whe you started?

I had been exercising before, but then when I came to ATP, it’s really a very different experience. I learned so much more about myself in terms of fitness. I feel healthier in terms of what I want to eat and managing cravings. I think not just about the food I’m eating but the protein content and nutrition that I need to look out for.

It has really helped me to be strong and I am so much more determined now.  Previously I had experience with other gyms, but the result wasn’t what I wanted. So after I started at ATP, I’ve really seen great results,  I’ve actually lost 10kg so far and I my fat percentage has gone from from 32% to 18%.

How did working on your fitness help in your performance when it comes to work?

Actually at first it was quite tiring, because I work in the  Food and Beverage industry. I always wake up early in the morning, I talk to customers, there is a lot of walking involved during my work and I’m always on my feet. 

But working with ATP Personal Training actually allows me to be more disciplined and also really pushes me a lot, no matter how tired I am, because I know that it’s worth the effort and I am going to see results. So the environment really pushes me a lot. 

“When I came to ATP, it was a very different experience from being in the gym before. I learned so much more about myself, I feel healthier in what I want to eat and managing my cravings.”

What aspect of the program has been the most challenging for you?

Actually, so far for me it’s been the consistency with nutrition.

Now I’ve made it a habit to go to the supermarket much more frequently than before.

There was a period of time maybe a month or so, when my weight was very stagnant. So that was the difficult part where I started questioning how come my weight wasn’t coming down? I told my coach Charis about it. She then gave me some tips on what to do and then I started seeing my weight going down back again.

Coach Charis, what were the tips?

So we actually put her back on maintenance for a while because I believe her body was quite stressed from being in a calorie deficit. Then I let her be a bit more comfortable with food for maybe just a weekend or so then we dropped her calories back down again. That actually worked for her because her body responded well to that and suddenly there was a deficit again that kept her fat loss going.  Towards the last end of her prep, she actually added in sprints, even though she was on a deficit. So that really helped to really also blast that remaining couple kilos off for her, I believe.

I am really proud of Oreo. She stuck to the diet and really resisted all sorts of temptation. Even though she works in F&B. She’s really, really tough. I don’t even have her levels of willpower.

What would you say is your greatest achievement since you started training with ATP, I mean in terms of performance.

When I joined ATP, I didn’t know what my strength was. I wasn’t able to do a 90kg hip thrust like I can now.  Achieving my first pull up was a big moment for me. Before I didn’t have the strength to do a single one myself, now I’m able to do 5 reps comfortably.

I feel really way more confident. I can like rest or run, I can go to the gym. Yeah, I don’t look at myself in the mirror and feel like, oh, there’s fat here, there’s fat there.  I really feel much more confident than before. I also feel very happy, looking at myself in the mirror thinking “is this me”?

It’s a very big difference. It’s like before I was this fat sister and now I’m the smaller, leaner sister. I feel like a whole new person.

“We train hard but we always joke around. I think it’s very hard to find this kind of relationship between a client and a coach.”

Do you feel like you can sustain the changes you’ve made?

I think it’s sustainable.  Even after this, I will be able to continue the diet myself.  I really know what to do. Charis, my ATP Personal Training Coach,  gave me a lot of tips and we built a lot of habits and routines. I know what to look out for, I know what to eat, I know how to get back on track.

If there is one thing that you’d recommend for someone, right, who wanted to be in fitness, right, what would you say to them?

I would say working out yourself in the gym is very different from coming to ATP. When I started in ATP, I felt like I wanted to continue my journey over here. Even though there’s a lot more gyms out there, I’m seeing really great results, in five short months. I mean, I believe this is a two way thing whereby both of us put in a lot of effort to see really great results.

We ‘ve also developed a friendship. We train hard but we always joke around. I think it’s very hard to find this kind of relationship between a client and a coach.

“I truly recommend ATP Personal Training. You’ll see amazing before and afters and achieve great, sustainable results.”