Shailesh worked with ATP Personal Training and got his dream lean body. He built an incredible physique along with the lifestyle required to sustain it!

Before working with ATP Personal Training Shailesh was lacking focus and wasn’t getting results. His progress had ground to a halt and he was starting to pick up minor injuries. He was losing motivation fast and was overwhelmed by the amount of information online.

Shailesh came to ATP as an experienced exerciser but he was totally lacking in direction and had run out of motivation. Under the guidance of his ATP Personal Training coach Shailesh has transformed his physique and lifestyle overcoming some long standing injury concerns and constructing a vegetarian diet that allowed him to hit his goals

Like so many of our clients Shailesh was overwhelmed with information and was stuck in a rut with an inability to commit to a consistent training and nutrition plan.

"My coach asked me, what's my goal? And I had absolutely no idea. But I knew one thing, I had hit my plateau."

What has your experience with ATP Personal Training been like?

I’ve been working out with ATP for almost a year and a half now.  It has been a great journey so far. For me, one of the biggest challenges was injuries. I had a partial tear on my labrum. So going heavy on my workouts  was quite difficult. I think that the whole mobility part played a very important and significant role in transforming my journey. The overall achievement for me is about 10% body fat.

So I heard about  ATP from Instagram, and I came in to meet Pete, (General Manager at the time) for the first time about a year and a half ago. And one of the key questions he asked me was, what’s my goal? And I had absolutely no idea. But I knew one thing that I was hitting my plateau, whatever workout I was doing. 

So JQ helped me out with setting goals. But going through it, and seeing those results coming in is something which really motivated me.

What were the greatest challenges Shailesh encountered?

He had a great deal of training background, he’s been training on his own for a number of years. But he was unclear on how to apply it. He was asking a lot of questions, he was also challenging me on that end. This sort of interaction is not your everyday client who come in where they have almost no clue of how to deal with their nutrition and training. Because of his history of injuries, we had to be patient. Coming from his background, it’s hard to take a step back and we had to be smart around the training. Not only just working around it, but also understanding his particular injury and understand what’s happening so that he doesn’t have to work around the injury or avoid training a certain way. This fueled his confidence and allowed him to train more intensely.

How would you say the entire journey has been for you, from beginning to where you’re at now?

I had all this information but didn’t know how to process it. So talking to Pete and JQ our sessions, and I got more and more clarity. As you track your progress, you start to see real transformation happening, and that’s when the magic begins. 

We have set PRs on bench press and deadlifts. It’s amazing to see the results. I always struggled with pull ups, no matter what. But we’ve done well there as well. 

I just had to show up. He did everything. He was amazing with putting in things, the whole strategy, the whole plan. 


"I just had to show up. He did everything. He was amazing with putting in things, the whole strategy, the whole plan."

What have you done to stay on track during lockdown and other disruptions?

Working from home for almost two years now, this is the only thing I look forward to. 

I think that’s the biggest part of this whole process. I mean, the way you look at the training. Initially, things were, okay, just go workout, come back. But now I think it’s more about what you do outside the gym, and how you keep your mindset alert and at the same time enjoying everything that you do. So that’s the greatest achievement.


What has stood out about the process?

The entire process for ATP Personal Training is very scientific. Right from tracking, setting goals, and monitoring it, and to the minutest detail. So I think you might not see the result in a week but when you look at it over a period of time, it’s an amazing process. The entire process is amazing. And I think that’s what ATP lives up to.

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"ATP Personal Training takes a holistic look in your transformation journey. ATP has results driven, time bound, focused approach and closely tracks Training, Nutrition and recovery with Mobility. I am training with JQ and he has immensely helped me in making the lifestyle changes that were much needed. Great place with vibrant energy!"