Muscle Mechanics Workshop With Eugene Teo In Singapore

Learn how to Optimize Performance, Strength, Hypertrophy and Reduce Pain

Muscle Mechanics is based on the 10+ years experience Eugene has in coaching movement, muscle building, strength and performance.

In this 2-Day intensive workshop, you’ll be taken through the analytical and integrative approach Eugene uses to optimize performance, strength, hypertrophy and reduce pain. All of the tools, techniques – and most importantly – the framework for understanding the human body, movement and long term health.

Yi Jie came to ATP demotivated and at her heaviest weight of 95kg.


Through this unique hands-on approach, you will gain a deeper insight into all of the complexities of the human body.

  • Unlocking the Roots of Dysfunction – Breath & Diaphragm, Scapula & Thoracic, Feet & Calves

  • Deconstructing the body – joint by joint, muscle by muscle to gain a complete understanding of how the individual regions work in isolation, and how to effectively integrate them together – as no one system works in isolation.

  • Understanding corrective movement, mobility, stability, strength, coordination and performance.

  • Muscle Mapping – Activation sequences for every major muscle in your body – how to activate the region, then how to integrate into effective movement to build muscle, strength, improve performance and movement.

  • The role of Fascia and the Nervous System in and how to effectively train these key systems.

  • Joint Prep – How to go beyond basic mobility/warm up routines and integrate specific joint prep into your training programs

  • Program Design – Fitting everything together into an effective integrative plan

This course is not just for strength coaches, personal trainers, physiotherapists or health professionals. Anyone who is looking to understand effective training, movement and health will come away with all the tools needed to take charge of their body, health and performance.


Start date: April 2020

End date: 2 day seminar

Start time: 10:00 a.m.

End time: 17:00 p.m.

Venue: ATP Personal Training Singapore


Early Bird SG$900

Regular Price SG$1,100

Email [email protected] to register.

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