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ATP Personal Training Singapore is hiring:

We are on a mission to create the best fitness business in the world for coaches to learn, develop and master their craft. We want to transform the lives of our clients by improving their health and confidence and enabling them to sustain that transformation throughout their lives

We believe that:

  • Clients deserve more than a calorie deficit and a training template from their personal trainer.
  • A transformation is just the first step on the road to lifelong health.
  • The physical transformation is the foundation of the pyramid and not the pinnacle of what our clients can achieve.
  • Program design is a non-negotiable for our personal training coaches - we can train you with this skill.
  • All clients can achieve a remarkable, life-changing transformation.
  • Clients deserve your full attention at every step of the journey, not just in the build up to a photo shoot.

We are looking for personal training coaches who:

  • Hold themselves accountable and have high standards in everything they do in their job and personal life.
  • Are committed to self development, education and implementation.
  • Are proud about providing an exceptional level of service to their clients.
  • Are ambassadors of the personal training services we provide, who take pride in demonstrating personal commitment to the lifestyle we promote.

If you recognise yourself in these values and are interested in a position that will:

See you working alongside some of the leading trainers in Asia. Work in a unique culture that values long term development. Develop a career in the fitness industry in Asia’s fastest growing personal training business.

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