Enoch transformed his body the right way.

Now staying in shape is easy and allows him to live live to the max.

Enoch has totally overhauled his physique and his outlook on health and fitness. He’s built a great physique using sustainable methods and is able to take that new baseline to photo shoot ready in a matter of weeks.

"It was constant check-ins with JQ as my coach"

He has made amazing progress with his physique and has been able to sustain his impressive transformation whilst pursuing career and life goals and enjoying his life here in Singapore.

From beginning to end he now looks totally different. You wouldn’t recognise his silhouette, the shoulder to waist ratio has totally changed.

Here is a breakdown of the process for his photoshoot preparation:

"I was at 68 kilograms, 23% body fat. Where I am at the moment is 59 kilograms and 9.3% today fat."


The goal setting process has been integral to Enoch’s success. For the most recent phase we set very specific targets.

  1. PHASE 1 – Lose 1-1.5% each month for the first 3 months.
  2. PHASE 2 – drop another 1-2% in the last month.

We weren’t in a particular rush with the process so we went at a pace that would allow Enoch to enjoy life. He  was working from a good starting point so we set a very manageable and sustainable pace.  

Once we had the goals in place we attached processes to the specific outcomes. What were the daily actions that would lead to Enoch achieving his goals? As always we look at process through the lens of Daily Routine, Nutrition and Activity- D.N.A.

"Discipline and determination. If you have the end goal in mind, you will follow the steps to make sure that you achieve that end goal."


We focussed Enoch’s Morning and Evening routines around behaviours that would deliver the most benefit to him.

Morning Routine: Meal Prep for the day.

Evening Routine: Additional Cardio training- we kept this to slower steady state which actually elicits a parasympathetic response rather than adding additional training stress.

We had already addressed a lot of lifestyle behaviours around sleep and stress response earlier in Enoch’s journey so the focus here was in framing the day with behaviours that supported the logistics of getting in shape. Which is an area that is very commonly overlooked.


"I knew the type of foods that I need to eat and the cardio that I need to do to maintain consistency."

The focus was to place Enoch in a calorie deficit whilst providing sufficient fuel to support his workouts and adequate protein intake to manage hunger and enhance recovery.

Most days looked something like this:

1600 KCAL

P: 155 / F: 69 / C: 97 ( obviously we round these up)

BREAKFAST: 4-5 eggs with toast

SNACK: Protein Shake

LUNCH: 150-200g Steak/ 200g Chicken with Vegetables

DINNER: 150-200g Steak/ 200g Chicken with Vegetables

SNACK:  Protein Shake


Activity was kept simple and adaptable and repeatable.


  • Full body each time
  • Performance focus on improving Chins ups and Squats as indicator lifts.


    Mainly secondary exercises and isolation work. Arms, Shoulders, Abs, Calves and Upper Back.


  • Any equipment for 30-45 minutes. The actual machine didn’t really matter and we mixed it up to keep things fresh. 

Enoch has a relatively high training age for a client so we were able to use some more advanced loading concepts with him.

PHASE 1: Descending Sets Plus Back Off Set (12,10,8,6 + 15)

PHASE 2: (5×5)

PHASE 3: Standard Sets (4×8)

PHASE 4: Wave Loading (7,5,3,7,5,3 & 6,4,3,6,4,3)

PHASE 5: 3 Weeks out from Photoshoot

Switching the program up every 3-4 weeks kept the programming fresh and kept the client engaged.We also had the goals of really pushing strength levels during the process.

Every stage long the way has recalibrated the Coach and Client relationship.

After an intense push or transformation it is very normal for there to be a slight relapse as the body settles at a new weight.

What we saw with Enoch was a textbook example of sustainable change.