Samudra had been training for years but a wrist injury resulted in him gaining 11kg and he wasn't sure how to lose it. Working with ATP Personal Training gave him the confidence to try a different approach.

Samudra had a lot of experience training before, he worked with personal trainers, he’d trained on his own. He was strong… he’d lifted some pretty heavy weights before. But he’d injured his wrist which had really impacted his motivation and his ability to train and resulted in him putting 11kg on.

"You don't need to do a huge amount of things, just make some small adjustments to your lifestyle, eat sensibly and workout regularly."

We spoke with Samudra’s coach Ryan to learn how he tailored the program to his unique requirements.

“Samudra had experience in weight training prior to joining ATP. In his own program structure, he was chasing PRs for most compound lifts and had only gone up to 6RM in his repetition count. Soon enough, he injured his right wrist which meant he was unable to do any fitness training for up to half a year. He eventually went off-track with his nutrition and lost the motivation in his fitness journey.”

When we start working with clients we are really interested in what type of training they’ve done in the past, lots of clients are relatively inexperienced in the gym but sometimes we get clients with more relevant in gym experience and the secret to getting fast results is to give them more of the work they’ve been avoiding.

Samudra had been chasing strength, which meant using lower reps and heavier loads. There is nothing wrong with this approach but it can place a heavy toll on recovery and over time the joints and soft tissue can get overwhelmed.

"Stop waiting for the right time to start. The right time to start is now."

Coach Ryan outlines the training strategy.

“After joining ATP, we  exposed Samudra to ‘functional hypertrophy’ which is advantageous because it aims to increase muscle mass while improving functionality and movement patterns. We exposed him to higher rep ranges than he was used to which caused further adaptation in the body.” 

“This approach to training emphasizes compound movements that mimic real life activities, promoting overall strength, stability & mobility. We diversified the training away from the powerlifting/strength training barbell lifts and included more bodyweight, dumbbell and cable work which took his muscles and joints through a greater range of motion than before.”

What was the biggest challenge you faced working with Samudra?

“When I first started working with Samudra, he was not confident working within the caloric intake planned for him which aims to lose 1 KG of body mass per week as the caloric intake seemed ‘too low’. I advised him to try out the nutrition plan for 2 weeks and soon enough, the nutrition plan worked out for him and started losing weight consistently every week by completing his daily tracker tasks. The adjustment in perspective came from the fact that he had recently gained 11kg and now needed to drop body fat as a priority, whereas previously he had been leaner and had been able to eat far greater amounts of food at maintenance.”


“This is often one of the reasons that people struggle to lose weight, especially if they’ve been athletic and sporty during their formative years when dietary patterns and behaviours are established.”

"If you want to change something do it now and you'll be happy you started."