Jason got in the best shape of his life for Season 2 of HBO's Warrior

Learn how Jason built the perfect Bruce Lee body with a life-changing workout and diet plan at ATP Personal Training.

Feeling confident on screen is priceless, especially when you’re starring in a show based on the writings of Bruce Lee.

Jason Tobin is currently in the best shape of his life for Season 2 of Cinemax’s Warrior. 

Before he came to ATP he wasn’t sure that he would be able to achieve these kinds of results, especially in such a short time frame.

Doctors had told him that he was pre-diabetic.

He was already exercising multiple times per week on his own using traditional bodybuilding type training.

He wasn’t sure what else he could do…


By working with his ATP Personal Training Coach, Jason was able to create an eye-catching physique in just 8 weeks. Not only does he look amazing, but he developed his athleticism, mobility and conditioning.

"I feel fantastic. I’m fitter, stronger. I move better than I have in years and my blood sugar is under control. I really couldn’t ask for more."

Why did you choose ATP Personal Training to prepare you for Season 2 of HBO/Cinemax’s “Warrior”?

I had turned up for Season One at quite short notice and wasn’t in the type of shape that I wanted to be. I ended up training with the stunt crew a lot during the shooting of Season One and I wanted to come back for Season Two in the best condition of my life. I wanted the guys on the stunt team to notice the hard work I had put in. I guess it’s like an athlete preparing in the off-season.

When I started planning my physical preparation for “Warrior” there were a number of factors that were important to me in my search for a personal training gym.

Firstly, as an on-screen performer, I wanted to look great and feel strong. Secondly, I wanted to be fitter because I had made the mistake in the past of focusing purely on aesthetics only to find the long hours on set acting and shooting fight sequences would gas me out.

Lastly, for my job as an actor doing fight choreography, it’s extremely important to be mobile and I was looking for a gym that understood the importance of mobility training. The more mobile I am the more the choreographers can push me with the fight scenes and the more cool stuff we get to shoot, I didn’t want my mobility to limit the imagination of the fight team. I didn’t want to be muscle-bound, and I had a particular look that I wanted to achieve.

"I wanted a Bruce Lee type aesthetic, which felt appropriate given that we were bringing his work to life."

"I had recently discovered that I was insulin resistant and pre-diabetic.

I needed a personal training gym that would tailor my training and nutrition to factor this in, whilst accounting for the martial arts training that I was already doing.

It was a tall order but I found ATP to be excellent in all those areas."

How did you manage your blood sugar?

When I found out I was insulin-resistant and verging on being a fully-fledged type-2 diabetic, I’ll be honest, it was a real bummer. I was really shocked that I was susceptible to blood sugar issues as I have never been obese or overweight. I had to re-educate myself and completely change my diet and my thinking.

What was your diet and lifestyle like before trusting ATP with your health and fitness?

I had long-held beliefs about food and working out that were just plain wrong. I used to think I needed to pound excessive protein and eat super-frequently so that my body wouldn’t break down muscle.

"One of the best things about working with ATP and their personal trainers is how knowledgeable they are about diabetes and insulin resistance and speaking to them and learning from them every day was a great help in keeping me motivated."

I was training martial arts, boxing, Thai-boxing, running and eating whatever I felt like. I’ve never really been overweight but I had lost a lot of definition in the mid-section. I had a textbook case of dad bod. I was putting in a lot of effort but wasn’t getting the type of results I wanted. My approach was to simply do more and I wasn’t addressing some of the finer points around diet, stress management and conditioning. I was lifting some weights but the approach lacked precision.

Jason Tobin on set of Warrior with Alex Hunter

What changed when you started?

"I knew I was in good hands and that my goals were crystal clear to everyone and we were a team working towards those goals."

I became more consistent and I felt the gains come quickly. For me, it’s important to not just be told what to do but to learn and be able to speak to knowledgeable trainers who have their fingers on the pulse on the latest developments in high-performance training. And while I trained my body at ATP my mind was constantly learning new things and my understanding became deeper.

The truth is that I  probably trained less once I started at ATP but the training was more focused to my needs and more effective. Both Pete and Jay spoke about using the minimum effective dose to trigger the response we were after and this meant I was able to recover more completely from the training sessions.

How did the training approach differ from your previous preparation for films?

The main difference in my training for this TV series compared to previous preparation for my other film projects was balancing my need to look good but also to move well and to have enough energy for long days doing fight scenes. Also, as in any sport or physical activity, you’re running the risk of getting injured so doing applied mobility training to help rehab and strengthen joints and end ranges was a total game changer. I really feel that mobility work has helped me regain years on my body.

How was the training tailored toward your role?

I play Young Jun who is a vicious fighter who is extremely explosive and agile and with that in mind ATP tailored my training to focus on those things. From FRC to gymnastics weight training to aerobic conditioning. ATP also assisted me on set all the way in Cape Town, South Africa.

What have you achieved, since working with ATP?

I’m in the best shape of my life and yet I can see how much further I want to go with my training and fitness goals and with ATP we’re already mapping out my training for next season. It’s an exciting journey to be on with them. In fact, I became so passionate about the training process that I became certified in the FRC system which was taking place in Cape Town just prior to filming.

"I’ve enjoyed my experience with ATP tremendously. They’re professional, knowledgeable, and a great team to work with."

How has the diet and training improved your lifestyle outside of the gym?

My training is my meditation. I workout out for the peace of mind and calmness it gives me. I couldn’t live in a high-stress society like here and work in the film industry without having something to blow that steam off. And moving to a low-carb high fat diet has also helped me keep a more even keel and deal with stress better. The most interesting aspect of moving to a LCHF diet that I didn’t anticipate is how much it’s boosted my immune system. I haven’t gotten sick since.

Do you feel different about yourself in any way since you started personal training with us?

I feel fantastic. I’m fitter, stronger. I move better than I have in years and my blood sugar is under control. I really couldn’t ask for more.

What do you think your wife would say has been the biggest change in your lifestyle?

I think she’d say that I’ve prioritized my health and training whereas in the past that aspect of my life would easily slip down the pecking order and as I result I’m healthier in all areas. For example I sleep earlier, wake up earlier and get more sleep now because I noticed how profound the effects were on my training if I didn’t sleep enough. I think she also likes my six-pack.

If there’s one thing you’d recommend to someone who’s about to start their fitness journey, what would it be?

The first thing I’d recommend anyone who’s about to start their fitness journey is to be consistent, but more importantly, don’t wait, just do it!

"You don’t need to smash it every training session. It’s better to be go lighter and get sessions in than to kill yourself each time you go in the gym which just leads to demotivation and injuries. I’d also recommend finding a great trainer who can help you and educate you. And remember that fitness isn’t just about looking good in 12 weeks, it’s a journey for the rest of your life. Consistency trumps intensity."

How has training at ATP Personal Training helped you work towards/achieve your goals?

ATP has helped me achieve my training goals by being attentive to my specific needs and goals. I’ve been to gyms and trainers who want to put you on their system and for you to prescribe to their methodology like 12-week transformations that might make you look good but not perform better or move better.

What has been the greatest difference in your life since working with ATP?

In my job I work with the very best in the film industry and now working with ATP I feel the same, I’m working with the best trainers. I feel very lucky to have such an awesome team behind me. When I have questions about any aspect of training and health I’m surrounded by people who are elite in their field.

How would you describe your experience at ATP Personal Training, from the gym workouts, nutritional coaching and support?

I’ve enjoyed my experience with ATP tremendously. They’re professional, knowledgeable, and a great team to work with. From the workouts to the nutrition, mobility to strength training they covered all the ground that I needed. And they’re just a good bunch of people and fun to train with which in the end is what it’s all about, to be on a journey with people you like.

"I love the facilities, the atmosphere and the quality of all the equipment. It’s always a pleasure to rock up to ATP and get in the mood to train hard. To couple all of that with this quality of trainers is a real find in ASIA."

Jason totally overhauled his physique and rebooted his lifestyle in just a matter of months working with ATP’s world class trainers. Take control of your health and get in touch with ATP using the form below…