James came to ATP Personal Training to work on his physical strength and became mentally stronger in the process:

"It is the things that nobody else can see that have changed the most; I have more energy, I sleep better and I have realised that a strict diet is not the best way to stay in shape long-term."

When Marketing Exec James joined ATP Personal Training 12 weeks ago, he lacked confidence and felt anxious on a daily basis.  He told us he wanted to get stronger and focus on building his upper body, (and he did a fantastic job of that in only 12 weeks), but now, after working closely with his ATP Coach,  he stands taller and feels far more comfortable in his own skin.

"It is the things that nobody else can see that have changed the most; I have more energy, I sleep better and I have realised that a strict diet is not the best way to stay in shape long-term."

How has your time at ATP Personal Training impacted your mental health? Have you been able to use anything you have learned at outside the gym?

Training at ATP Personal Training has been very good for me mentally. I feel a lot calmer and I definitely feel more focused at work. I am less stressed and feel less anxious in my daily life.  Compared with my old cardio workouts, training hard at ATP has really made a difference to how calm and focused I feel overall.

Something else that has improved is my confidence.  It isn’t all about looking good (although I am very happy with the physical transformation as well) but I really feel great and it shows.

As for applying my new knowledge out of the gym, I often talked with my trainer about taking things in all aspects of life one step at a time and really slowing things down as well, which has been a very handy skill to learn.

How was your experience with ATP Personal Training different from the personal training experiences you have had before?

I think the main difference is the quality of the staff that work here and the motivation they somehow pass on to you – it’s like it is infectious. They push you hard, but not in a way that’s going to drive you away and they’re always  so friendly.

There is constant communication and accountability between you and your Coach, so it means you can have questions answered even on a day that you aren’t at the gym.  It really is a coaching relationship rather than what you might expect from a regular PT.

I gained so much knowledge from my ATP Coach about training and I think for me that’s what has been the most beneficial part of my experience.  The coaches share their knowledge so that we can take it away from our sessions at the gym and apply it wherever we are.

"I have finally got the results that I wanted and I've tried many different transformation programs in the past."

What are a couple of specific things that you will take away from your time at ATP Personal Training?

There are a lot of things but the main one is my form at the gym – I wasn’t too good before and I have definitely improved on that.  My ATP Coach taught me how to perform each exercise with the correct form, so I have been able to achieve a better transformation as a result.

I have finally got the results that I wanted and I’ve tried many different transformation programs in the past.  This one has been so much better than the others because it’s given me exactly what I want, and made me stronger, not to mention more confident and more highly motivated.

What would you say to someone about to start a 12 week transformation who isn’t sure if they will stick to the whole programme, especially those who deal with anxiety?

I would say to them that health and fitness should probably be their number one priority. If you tend to get anxious or nervous or want to conquer those fears, I have found that exercise helps more than anything else to keep you calm and keep you level.

For someone just starting, I’ve always been taught to take baby steps and adopt a “just do it” mindset, even if you don’t feel motivated on a certain day. Even if you make it to the gym and you give 80%, it’s better than nothing.  And just getting your feet through the door is half the battle.  Once you’re there it becomes much easier to achieve something.

James gave us the top five fat loss tips that he learned from his ATP personal trainer:

  1. Just take the first step. The first step is always the hardest as when you are half way through a programme you will have seen enough results to keep going. Even when you don’t feel like working out, just getting to the gym is the most important step, once you get going you’ll forget your daily worries while you’re in the gym.
  2. Don’t procrastinate. There will always be a reason not to do something but don’t let that stand in your way. It’s always a choice, do it or don’t do it, but you need to prioritise your lifestyle and your health.
  3. Make yourself accountable. This is really easy with an ATP Coach! They track everything for you, and you no longer have to rely on just looking in the mirror and or trying to track day to day changes, it’s all there in my Coach’s log.
  4. Learn the correct form for your exercises. It will get you better results and there is less risk of getting injured. Since consistency is key, avoiding set backs or time off caused by injuries is important.
  5. Trust the process. I used to overthink everything but I have learned to trust in ATP and my personal training coach, and the results have been worth every second!