Hong Kong pro gamer "Hotdog29" takes control of his health and fitness to drop 12kg and lose 14cm around his waist thanks to ATP Personal Trainers.

Follow Hotdog’s journey from sedentary gamer to avid gym-goer below.

When you think of a pro gamer, health and fitness is unlikely to spring to mind. With countless hours spent sitting behind a computer, lack of activity, poor dietary habits, and a steady supply of energy drinks, there are actually many parallels that can be drawn with our executive clients.

With E-sports fast becoming a billion-dollar industry, the influence they have over their fan base is very powerful.

ATP’s Alex Hunter was approached by Talon Esports with a specific task: to create sustainable fitness routines to enrich the overall well-being of their pro gamers and alter the perception that being a pro gamer is an inherently unhealthy lifestyle.

We have to applaud Talon Esports for taking such a proactive stance and focusing on their player’s well-being.  It is setting a great example for other Esports teams to follow.

After 3 years of being a professional gamer and playing up to 12 hours a day, Yeh had let his health and fitness slip and had become worried it would affect the longevity of his career.

What was your original motivation for signing up with ATP?

As a pro player for a well-known e-sports team, I want to be a role model for the other gamers out there. I wanted to share my health and fitness journey so we can change how the public views e-sports athletes.

I also want to set myself up to be more marketable for my current and future sponsors. As e-sports progresses, it’s important we don’t forget to look after our health and fitness.

How would you compare yourself on day 1 to now, in terms of fitness, mindset, physique, and health?  

The biggest change has definitely been a drastic improvement in my sleep and overall energy and stamina throughout the day. I am waking up much more refreshed and feel I have much more mental clarity when I play.

I also lost 12kg and my waist is 14cm smaller. A healthier image was my main goal and I feel I have really achieved that. A lot of people have commented that I look much healthier and younger. I also gained a lot of new knowledge, especially with nutrition.

I basically had no fitness ability at all when I came in for my first session. From barely being able to do 1 push-up, to now being able to do more than 20 and training regularly 3 times a week.

On my first session, I could barely get through the first 20 minutes, now I can finish off each hour-long session strong and feeling invigorated.

My commitment to this training has also inspired my other team members and they have been incorporating some of the mobility work I do as well.