Jason was tired of making excuses and decided to commit to taking control of his health and fitness and becoming a role model for his kids

“I’m Jason and I’m a business consultant,  I’ve tried many times doing it on my own, but I’ve always failed due to various excuses, like travelling. You know, lots of work.

After two decades of procrastination I finally gritted my teeth and forced myself to sign up at a gym – that’s when I found ATP, and what a life-changing decision it has been.”


How soon did you see results?

I saw results almost immediately. Only 6 weeks into the program, I could already wear my branded under-sized t-shirt that I bought 20 years ago and aspired to but have never worn + actually looked good in it. I was doing multiple sets of pull-ups with 5-10kg weights strapped to me having only been able to struggle through 3 pullups when I had my first training session. I hit a weight that I hadn’t been since 2010!

What have you achieved so far?

I Lost about 16 kilos and half of my body fat. I feel my body is sleek, slim, fit, sculpted, and I look at least 20 years younger than my actual age.

"Hitting my goal required persistence and consistency and my coach was there every step of the way to keep me on track when I needed help"

How did your coach  assist you on your journey?

Thanks to Chris Kwok, my amazing personal trainer, for putting me through my paces and keeping me on track along my ongoing total body transformation journey – physical training, diet, and mental support.

Training is tough but always fun with the banter and the constructive bickering about using lighter weights, doing less reps, and the “no-count reps” done in bad form (I mostly end up on the losing end, so some days I just do more and talk less). There is also the occasional side banter with other trainers and reception staff that make ATP a great place to have a workout session. 

Coach’s Eye

We spoke to Jason’s coach Chris about how he approached the process.

“During the initial consultation it was clear  that Jason had tried a lot of things in the past without seeing much reward. He had tried extreme fasting protocols, online coaching and he even had a home gym but he was lacking the structure and accountability that he required to make progress.”

“He arrived with a rotator cuff injury, high cholesterol and gout and a challenging business travel schedule.”

Goal Setting

We were very clear about the goal from the outset.

Jason wanted to lose 14kg in 12 weeks.

We broke this goal down into three phases, to make it more manageable and to give a clear short term focus.

1st Goal:

  • 1st milestone: Losing 5KG
  • 2nd milestone: Losing 5KG
  • 3rd milestone: Losing 4KG

2nd Goal:

  • Maintenance at 16~%  bodyfat and gain strength whilst increasing calories.

The Results

We saw success across all areas.

✅VISUAL – you can see the results clearly.

✅WEIGHT LOSS- 15kg reduction on total body weight

✅PERFORMANCE –  we went from just 2 pull up to 15 pull ups.

✅HEALTH – LDL Cholesterol dropped from 87 to 57, HDL Cholesterol  increased from 48 to 50.

Drivers of Success

There were a few key behaviours which really drove Jason’s success. There is no secret formula, just a reliable blueprint for success that we tailor to each individual client.

  • Daily check-in reminders.
  • Accountability on sending food photos.
  • Training every single day he is back in Singapore.
  • Training close to failure every training session.
  • Consistency and commitment.
  • Constant communications to make sure he stays on track.

"When I first started I honestly didn’t think I could achieve this. Now I know if you Believe in yourself and come to ATP you can obtain your dream body."

How do you feel now?

It makes me feel confident again and makes me feel young again. It makes me feel like I can achieve what I set out to do.  I think this shift to a laser focus on personal health has helped me to anchor my life on something that’s really important, which is my own health and using my transformation journey.

I would like to be able to inspire my friends and colleagues to do the same.

"It makes me feel confident again and makes me feel young again. It makes me feel like I can achieve what I set out to do."