Before coming to ATP, Nicole had many false starts on her journey to a positive state of health.

Today she reveals how she found the perfect balance between fast results and sustainable change at ATP!

Nicole came to ATP after losing weight and gaining it back.  She wanted a leaner body but she also wanted a sustainable long term solution for a healthy and fit life. In short, she wanted to sustain the weight loss without, in Nicole’s own words, ‘sacrificing all the joys of life’.

“I was looking for a sustainable long-term solution for a healthy and fit life.”

What was it that motivated you to take your first step with ATP?

I joined a weight loss program two years ago but didn’t manage to maintain the results. I knew that ATP  was started by a group of highly professional trainers, and I was convinced ATP Method would be the right choice for me.

Along the way, Nicole realized that the solution didn’t have to be needlessly painful.  She realized that she could still enjoy the process and make progress thanks to the experience of her ATP coach, Angela.

Has the way you feel about the gym changed since starting personal training with ATP?

I don’t feel intimidated in the gym anymore. I have also learned how to manage and balance my diet so I can stay on track and I no longer get stressed out about having a slice of pizza.

What do you enjoy about training at ATP?

My ATP Coach Angela is my key motivator.

She is very professional and experienced and offers insightful and practical advice.  

She articulates complicated concepts very well. She trains me hard but I always have a good time with her and I’ve never once felt like giving up during a session.

Nicole’s breakthrough moment in her ATP journey was when she learned that a healthier lifestyle didn’t require pedantic calorie-counting and bland tasting foods. Her trainer was able to guide her through every unique difficulty she encountered.

Whenever I have troubles or questions with my diet or training, she is able to offer me creative solutions and solid advice.  For example, at the beginning of starting my diet, I was struggling with a sweet tooth. Angela guided me around my cravings. She taught me how to bake a banana protein muffin that relieves my cravings but still fits into my diet.

"Not a lot of personal trainers have the depth of knowledge to be able to help clients in such creative ways."

How did your new lifestyle inspire and impact your family?

My partner and parents are pleasantly surprised by how much more active I have become. I used to not exercise at all and rarely even walk. Now I exercise three times a week and I enjoy taking long walks.

"Training and dieting is often thought to be difficult, but ATP provides a very professional gym environment and great trainers that help you get through the tough journey and actually allow you to find a way to enjoy it."


Nicole, Google Review

“I had my first session with Angela at ATP today. Love the environment there and the variety of machines they offer. Angela is highly knowledgeable and clearly an expert in her domain whom I can trust and rely on for quality workout and diet advice. She is very communicative in terms of understanding what I am looking for and setting expectations of how to get me there. These are rare but very important qualities that one wouls look for in a Personal Trainer. Impressed with my first session and keen to see where this program will lead me to.”

Nicole totally overhauled her physique and rebooted her lifestyle in just a matter of months working with ATP’s world class trainers. Creating a sustainable lifestyle change.