Yi Jie came to ATP demotivated and at her heaviest weight of 95kg. She had tried various diet strategies in the past, such as keto and intermittent fasting, but found always ended up gaining the weight back.
ATP Personal Training Coach Angelica reveals how they approached her transformation.

"I feel stronger and more energetic after making these changes."

Can you tell us a little bit more about Yi Jie’s weight loss journey and the challenges she faced before seeking help from ATP?

During our initial consultation, we identified that Yi Jie’s lack of focus on exercise and frequent yo-yo dieting had likely affected her overall body composition, leading to a lack of protein and muscle mass, and an increase in body fat. We also discovered that poor sleep was a struggle for her.

How did you and Yi Jie work together to create a nutrition plan that would help her reach her goals?

Our goal was to help Yijie lose 10-15kgs as quickly as possible  and reach a body fat percentage of 25%. We agreed on a nutrition plan that included a 35% deficit, high protein, moderate carbohydrates, and low fat for the first month.

Despite initially struggling with cravings and a large appetite, Yijie stuck to the plan and within 3 months had lost 7.5kg, bringing her down to 84kg. However, as we continued to work together, we faced more plateaus due to Yijie’s sleep problems. Eventually, a vacation to Bali helped her relax and the weight started to drop again.

"My coach shares her wealth of knowledge and guides me in nutrition, workouts, and cultivating healthy lifestyle habits. She helps me customize workouts to constantly challenge my body."

Can you describe the adjustments you made to Yi Jie’s nutrition plan as she reached different milestones in her transformation?

After Yi Jie reached a weight below 80kg, we adjusted her macros to include more variety and dietary fat. We also incorporated occasional days where she could enjoy home-cooked meals in controlled portions. With these changes, Yijie was no longer complaining about hunger and was able to continue making progress towards her goals.

As Yi Jie prepares for a photoshoot, we have implemented a no-carb plan for the final week, replacing starchy carbs with vegetables and fattier proteins

How have Yi Jie’s new job and schedule presented a challenge in her transformation journey, and how do you plan to help her continue making progress?

She will continue working with us at ATP, but with a new job, the schedule has changed, presenting a new challenge. Nonetheless, we are confident in Yijie’s ability to continue making progress towards her next goal.

"Coach Angelica is really knowledgeable and encouraging in helping me customize my weight loss plan."

Yi Jie’s transformation journey has been a testament to the power of consistent effort and determination. With the help of her ATP Personal Training Coach Angelica, she has already lost almost 20kg and dropped her  body fat percentage substantially.

As Yi Jie approaches the midpoint of her transformation, she is confident that she can continue making progress with the support of her coach and the implementation of a flexible nutrition plan that allows for occasional indulgences. With the added challenge of a new job, Yi Jie is excited to see what the next few months hold as she continues on her journey towards her health and wellness goals.

"I am more conscious of making informed decisions in my everyday lifestyle choices as compared to before."

Yi Jie
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I have had an amazing experience training at ATP. Coach Angelica is really knowledgeable and encouraging in helping me customize my weight loss plan and being there every step of the way. She shared her wealth of knowledge and guided me in nutrition, workouts, cultivating healthy lifestyle habits, and helped me to customize workouts to constantly challenge my body. I lost 6kg in 6 weeks, I feel stronger and have more energy than before. More importantly, I am more conscious of making informed decisions in my everyday lifestyle choices as compare to before!