They’re easily made, and just as quickly forgotten. Each year we set out with the best of intentions to make a change, but as life goes on, so do our old ways. Our once eager motivation to change falls to the wayside, and we think back– if I only I had stuck to my new year’s resolutions.

Despite this repetitive cycle, it shouldn’t stop you from setting yours. The simple act of having a goal is the very first step to making a change.

Simply follow these 4 easy ways to boost your chances of success:

1) BREAKDOWN YOUR RESOLUTION Break down your new year’s resolution into smaller more manageable pieces. Focus on achieving fortnightly or monthly targets that lead to your end goal. You’ll be more likely to stay focused on the present and create a snowball effect in your motivation as each milestone is achieved. Focus on achieving these small goals and success will be inevitable.

2) FIND A TRAINING PARTNER If you can find someone to hold you accountable, such as a personal trainer or a workout partner, you’ll be twice as likely to achieve your goals.

3) VISUALISE, THEN ACT Muhammad Ali said “I’m the greatest. I said it even before I knew I was”. Imagine yourself at every step of the process. How will you feel? What will it look like? Visualizing yourself achieving your goal on a regular basis, will dramatically increase the likelihood of it happening. In sports psychology, this positive feedback between belief and behavior is known as a self-fulfilling prophecy. Your belief in your own success will begin to dictate your actions that lead to that success.

4) CONSISTENCY There is no stronger factor to success in health and fitness than consistency. It’s the sum total of your efforts that will ultimately determine the magnitude of your results. Keep your eyes on the road ahead and continually seek progress.

Why not make this year different?

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