Gonzalo decided not to procrastinate any longER and put his trust in one of the expert fitness coaches at ATP Personal Training.

His initial consultation in our private gym filled him with the confidence that we had the expertise to deliver the results that he longed for.

"I had been thinking this over for more than a year but with lockdowns and uncertainties from the pandemic, I had postponed the decision for too long. It was just the time. My advice, make this a priority and get started changing your life ASAP!"

The ATP Personal Training difference for Gonzalo was the level of commitment from his coach, the daily follow up, the support and the encouragement.

Over the course of 16 weeks Gonzalo was able to lose an impressive 10kg and at the same time packed muscle onto his frame to counter age-related muscle loss called sarcopenia.

"I feel better physically and mentally. My friends are worried that I’m now too slim! My expectations were high, and my results exceeded them by far!"