Banker Nicole has some doubts about whether personal training was right for her- 60 days was all it took to convince her.

In the midst of the hustle and bustle of Singaporean social life, there lies the challenge of staying true to your commitments. It’s like trying to keep a ship sailing smoothly amid a storm. This was the case for Nicole, a 34-year-old banking professional, who found herself caught in the whirlwind of balancing her personal and professional life with her fitness goals. 

"I've lost ten kg and I've halved my body 15%. It's definitely given me a lot more confidence in the things that I do. "

Nicole’s journey was not just about losing weight, but about gaining confidence, feeling better about herself, and inspiring others along the way. It was about transforming her life in a way that echoed in her work, her interactions with friends, and most importantly, her relationship with herself. Nicole’s transformation was so remarkable that she managed to lose  ten kilograms and halve her body fat to 15%. 

"A lot of people are asking me what I did to get the results that I have. I think a key part of it is nutrition and discipline "

 Nicole’s three top tips for anyone looking to embark on a similar journey of transformation:

1. Focus on Nutrition: Nicole’s journey underscores the importance of nutrition in achieving fitness goals. She believes that having the right nutritional habits is a key determinant of the outcome.

2. Maintain Discipline: Discipline, as Nicole puts it, is about adhering to the right routines. Even when you want to slack off and give yourself a break, discipline keeps you on track.

3. Trust the Process and Your coach: Patience and trust in the trainer are crucial. They have the knowledge and experience, and even when the results are not immediate, trusting the process can lead to surprising results. 

Nicole’s journey is a testament to the fact that with the right mindset and approach, incredible transformations are possible. Her story is sure to inspire and motivate others to take the first step towards their fitness goals.