At ATP, we know that everyone has the ability to transform their overall fitness to lead a healthier and happier life.

Our role is to coach and mentor you on your journey of transformation.

We work with you as a team in setting your personal goals, understanding your physiology, helping you develop routines to ensure proper nutrition and activity, and most importantly celebrating success.

We will teach you how to sustain your transformation so that you can maintain your health and fitness for life.


When we speak of transformation, what do we mean?

Transformation means creating a sustainable legacy of health and fitness for you whether that is through a physical transformation, improved performance, improved health or a combination of these.

While a physical transformation is probably the most obvious goal and can lead to improvements in a large number of health markers, our work transcends what we do in the gym to go beyond transformationtrade; by providing guidance and knowledge equipping you with the right information to make the right choices to maintain your healthy lifestyle.


Built on scientific foundations we focus on:


Providing you with the information and support that you need to achieve your goals. We realize that with the volume of information available to us regarding habits, diet and nutrition and exercise that it is difficult to understand where to focus efforts when embarking on a transformation. We are here to help you understand what is important.


One size doesn't fit all. You are unique. Whether your goal is fat loss, gaining muscle, toning up your body, losing weight and/or seeking to improve your general health, your transformation requires a unique approach.


Achieving fast results and a sustainable change depends on more than merely spending time in the gym. In fact, your customized plan will be a holistic approach across three dimensions; your Daily routine, your Nutrition, and your Activity – in effect your fitness “D.N.A.”.

Daily Routine - We will audit every part of your current lifestyle, from work, sleep and down-time patterns to overall activity and dietary habits to help you make the right choices.

Then we will break your goals down into simple processes that add up to massive changes. You’ll build healthy, sustainable habits that become effortless over time.

Nutrition - Healthy eating is an important part of any fitness regime but it does NOT require you to go to extremes and disrupt your life. We use gradual changes to help you achieve your goals and we will teach you how to fuel your body with the right foods to feel more energised through the day while enabling your body to burn more fat.

Activity - We will gauge your current training capacity with a series of assessments, allowing us to understand precisely how to train you to ensure maximum efficiency and safety. We tailor your plan to change and evolve as you progress and your body adapts. We take great care to ensure your safety and will not rush you to perform exercises or movements that we believe you are not ready for.


Your initial consultation will take approximately one hour allowing you to view our facility and to have a short conversation to help us gain a broad understanding of your goals and any other challenges you believe you may face on your journey. This information is important as it forms the basis for the selection of your coach.


Your first appointment with your coach will be one hour.

It entails a comprehensive consultation process where we do the following:

We collect information about how your body moves so we can better detect injuries or structural imbalances.

We measure vital information such as weight, blood pressure, and physical measurements.

We discuss and agree on your specific goals that we, as a team, will be tracking to ensure success.


With this information, we will work together with you to create a unique daily routine, nutrition and activity plan (“DNA Plan”) that is right for you and will reward your effort with real, tangible changes that you can see and feel from week to week.

For optimal results, we recommend a time commitment of three hours each week at our facility. However, we do understand that you may need certain flexibility from time to time due to travel and last-minute changes to your schedule and we will endeavour to work with you to ensure as much flexibility as possible.

During your time with us we support you every step of the way providing advice and guidance, being accountable to your goals, and celebrating your success.


Performance tracking is extremely important as it allows your coach and you, as a team, to review and understand your progression.

It also allows us to celebrate your success and to demonstrate how far you have come on your journey.

At ATP we track body composition, body weight, exercise performance, overall health markers (as shared by the client) and also document progress through photo and video.


There are 168 hours in a week and on average you will spend less than 2% of those in the gym with your coach.

At ATP we recognize that this is a unique challenge and we ensure that you have access to your coach outside of training hours. You will have their guidance, support even when you are not physically in our facility.

You may want to ask what to order at your favourite restaurant, or check in regarding target heart rate for your cardio. Whatever you need, we will provide the appropriate level of support.

You can find out more about the types of body transformation services we provide at the links below:

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