For 3 years before coming to ATP Personal Training, Karen had copied the workouts of influencers without success.
Working with a professional coach at ATP she finally unlocked her potential.

If fact, Karen was already a regular member at one of the big local gym chains

However, far from creating the body she wanted she found that she was always tired, with low energy throughout the day and suffered from aches and pains in her lower back and knees.

We see this with many clients when they first come to us, Karen was wasting all her time and energy following a poor routine and risking injury.

After joining ATP Personal Training Karen has discovered a new way of training and a new way of living, her workouts now leave her feeling powerful and stronger rather than exhausted all the time.

Don’t get me wrong, she is still training hard. But more importantly, she is now training smarter, and her efforts are more focussed and delivering far greater results.

Female personal training client at ATP

"I am stronger. I can feel that I'm more powerful"

What was your original motivation for joining ATP Personal Training?

“I used to work out a lot, seven days a week, sometimes twice a day. I saw people on Instagram, they worked out a lot and I thought I could be one of them. But, I realized that no matter how much I worked out, I didn’t really get the result I wanted. That’s why I joined ATP Personal Training.

"I can feel that I'm more powerful, I don't feel fatigued anymore. I feel energetic every day."

What have you learned from ATP Personal Training and from Kelly coaching you?

“Kelly has a strong upper and lower body, so when I saw her video on Instagram, it inspired me. One day, maybe, I can lift as heavy as she is. That was my motivation, and I really wanted to learn from her.
As a coach, she’s very gentle, but she’s always pushing me to the limit. She is like my gym buddy. She is very friendly and kind but always pushes me.
Maybe I only train three or four days now, but still, I can be as strong as the Instagram influencers.”
ATP Personal Training taught Karen correct technique, so she gets the maximum benefit without injuring herself.
“I think the most important thing is the posture. Now I’m more confident in training by myself, I can lift heavier without anyone next to me because I know what the right posture is.”
“I thought I could lift quite heavy before, but then I realized I started hurting my lower back. But, after Kelly’s help, I’m able to lift 60kg without back pain, it’s really good.”

"Find a professional. I spent too much time on the wrong routine and the wrong journey."

What would you say is your greatest achievement or memory that you have from ATP Personal Training, before you leave to America and see your husband?

“I would say, I can do one or two pull-ups now. It is really a big achievement. This is something that I really wanted to work on.
I can’t wait to show my body to my husband now.
He has seen my progression through FaceTime, but I think it’s more important that he could see it in person in one weeks’ time”

"Seeing everyone working hard is motivating, and maybe I can be there one day."

"I'm more confident in training by myself, now I can lift heavier without anyone next to me because I know what the right posture is."

What would you recommend to someone who is just about to start the same journey as  you?

“I would say, find a professional. I spent too much time on the wrong routine and the wrong journey.
So, just find someone who is professional that can guide you the right way, so you can get your best result in just a short period.
I spent three years not getting what I wanted. So, it’s really finding someone professional to help you. It’s very important.”

Would you recommend ATP Personal Training to your colleagues and friends?

“Yeah, definitely. I actually told my colleagues that I’ve been working here for three months and they can see the result.
I always encourage them, come over and take a look, at least.”  

*Results will vary from individual to individual
**Results are based on each client’s circumstances.