You must put your health first!

If the past few years have taught us anything, it’s that collectively we need to stop ignoring the global slide into being overweight and unhealthy and we must start to prioritise our overall health above the unnecessary stresses of our daily lives.

The pandemic has highlighted the devastating impact to metabolic health that is eventually felt as a result of being overweight or obese, both of which are mostly accidentally self-inflicted and avoidable. Both are almost always, with the right guidance, completely reversible.

Every single one of us can manage to take control of our health and wellbeing in a way that otherwise seems insurmountable by breaking a dramatic lifestyle change into small, bite-sized steps.

Despite being aware of the dangers of being obese or even ‘just’ overweight, too many of us ignore our participation in the negative health trend the whole world is following.

Nearly 2 billion people worldwide are overweight or obese, and an increasing proportion of those people are in Asia. This is a relatively recent trend in human history, but it did not just creep up on us. Nor is it unavoidable, but we need to act now.

Here are the 6 most important health benefits you can get when you start to live a healthier lifestyle if you are overweight:

  1. You will be less likely to develop Type-2 Diabetes. Eating sensibly, especially when combined with a regular exercise regime has been shown to greatly reduce and even reverse your chance of getting type-2 diabetes.
  2. You will have lower blood pressure and be less likely to develop high blood pressure later. As your waist size shrinks, blood pressure typically comes down in proportion if it was high to begin with. This is because waist size is a good indicator of unhealthy visceral fat.
  3. You will live longer and have better life quality as you age. Being obese is associated with a higher all-cause mortality rate. This means that your chance of dying from almost any disease increases. Obese people (and super skinny people) are also more likely to suffer debilitating injuries like broken bones as they age.
  4. You will have fewer cardiac issues and be less likely to die from stroke. People who exercise regularly and are not overweight tend to have a greatly reduced risk of cardiac events and a better survival rate from stroke compared to obese populations.
  5. You will be more likely to remain mentally sharp as you get older. The poor handling of blood glucose that comes with being overweight or obese is associated with dementia and reduced mental clarity as we age. This is reduced by staying at a healthy weight and fat level.
  6. You will have a reduced incidence and risk from severe contagious illnesses like coronaviruses and flu. Overweight and obese people often suffer from a weaker immune system and increased inflammation in their lungs. This makes it easier to catch all kinds of diseases that are airborne or transmitted by water-droplets.

You can make a difference to your own health with exercise and better food choices.

Starting by making changes to small bad habits, replacing them with small good habits.  Making continued, incremental changes to your lifestyle will mean that you are able to comfortably and sustainably change your life for the better. At ATP Personal Training we can help you with this step-by-step process to turn your health around in a positive way.

Day in, day out we help clients change their lives by building healthier habits that lead to sustainable changes.  Below are just a few of the hundreds of dramatic lifestyle transformations achieved by ATP Personal Training clients:

Arthur’s friends didn’t believe it!

Arthur had been trying to get in shape on his own, but was slowly heading down an unhealthy path to more weight gain and setting himself up for health problems as he got older.  Now with the help of ATP Personal Training he has hit his long-term goal in under 4 months!

Dorothy shrank her waist by 15cm!

Before she joined ATP, Dorothy was feeling out of shape and almost gave up on her body with a lot of excessive eating. Now She is so much slimmer, fitter, and healthier than before! More importantly, her mindset has changed and she is able to understand what a healthy lifestyle is and be far more conscious of her food and exercise.

Billy is off his meds!

Business owner Billy didn’t have the energy he needed to keep up with his young family. After taking control of his health Billy is off his blood pressure meds and fitter than ever – now his kids have to keep up with him!

Lloyd lost 20kg in 20 weeks!

Lloyd says he has more confidence in himself, both physically and mentally after working with his ATP Personal Training coach. His weight loss of 20kg has completely changed his life and his health for the better!

Bryan lost 20kg in 18 weeks!

Bryan came to ATP Personal Training with the goal of wanting to be healthier for his family. In just a few months he blasted through his goal of losing 12kg and found it easy to keep going all the way to 20kg weight loss. Now his family is so impressed his wife has started joining him in the gym!

A healthy mind in a healthy body

Benoit realised that the human body is flexible and able to adapt, so much so that with planning and a little care, he can still socialize while staying fit. You don’t have to miss out on anything or choose between health and a social life.

The changes in his mind and body make him feel confident and healthy, and he says his mind feels sharper, like when he was younger.

Yi Jie dropped 20kg so far

Before coming to ATP for coaching, Yi Jie was demotivated and at her heaviest weight of 95kg. She had tried various diet strategies in the past, such as keto and intermittent fasting, but found it difficult to sustain them and always ended up gaining the weight back.

Kieran lost 18kg and got shredded

Kieran decided to step up his fitness game and get in proper shape. He knew that fat loss was something he wanted to achieve but now he’s come to realise this was just part of the journey to living a healthy, sustainable lifestyle.

Oreo feels like a whole new person

Oreo feels very happy, telling us she can’t believe what she sees when she looks in the mirror at her new confident self.
She said “It’s like before I was this fat sister and now I’m the smaller, leaner sister.”

We recommend our personal training programs as the best way to get in-shape and healthy for the short-term and for the long-term.  We can help you will all aspects of achieving a sustainable healthy lifestyle, from diet to lifestyle choices and habits, and of course exercise.

Everyone benefits from the experience we have to offer!  You can get started now, simply complete and submit the form below.  Or read more about what we offer for clients like yourself at the links below.


You can learn more about our fat loss process for women by clicking here.
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