60 Year Old Nora Is Getting Better With Age!

60-year-old Nora successfully increased her spinal bone density results and regained control of her health and well-being. Impressing her medical advisors. After a worrying visit to the doctor indicated a diminishing spinal bone density reading, which Nora knew could lead to long term health issues, she had to do something. A number of medical professionals recommended weight training to alleviate and improve her symptoms. Read how Nora tackled these issues and impressed her medical advisors.

What was your initial motivation in taking the first step towards overhauling your health and fitness?

I was 59 years old. I often had back pain and found that I was losing strength in my muscles, especially in my back.  After a visit to my doctor, I was told my anteroposterior spinal bone density was diminishing and below standard. 

My doctor recommended that I start weight training to prevent my bone density from decreasing further. Last year, I joined ATP. This year in my health check report, the bone density miraculously increased…. going up from -1.6 to -1.0.  I am so surprised and want to say a big thank you to Angela for her effort.

Realizing the importance of a healthy lifestyle has been an eye-opening experience for Nora.

“I never enjoyed exercise before, now at 59 years old I am more confident, healthier and love exercising."

What impact have these changes had on your life and overall well being?

I am feeling healthier and more energetic, with less muscle pain.  I have healthier eating habits, so my body feels tighter and more defined which makes me look slimmer. My new figure gives me confidence. Now that I am exercising regularly I can also sleep better. 

I am continually getting stronger. I have far less general muscle pain and better blood circulation which makes me look and feel great and full of energy.

“My greatest achievement is increasing my spinal bone density. Which I and my doctors were very surprised about”

"Improving my health and figure has given me so much more confidence"

What has been the greatest difference in your life since working with ATP? 

My routine: regular exercise for me is a must now. Even If I am on vacation or out of town, I will still be exercising at least twice a week. I have also become very educated in my eating habits and I am far more conscious of my nutrition. Even when I am out enjoying dinner with friends I know how to manage my food so I can enjoy and stay on track with my health and fitness goals.

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