Mark's new body shows that a banker's lifestyle is compatible with ATP Personal Training's sustainable, holistic approach to fitness.

By incorporating strength training, cardio, and enjoyable activities into his routine, Mark was able to achieve impressive weight loss and body fat reduction while also improving his overall health and wellbeing.
This sustainable lifestyle change has had a positive impact on both his personal and professional life, he now feels more energetic, less stressed, and able to think more clearly.
By prioritizing sustainability and making adjustments to accommodate social engagements, Mark has found a fitness program that he can maintain for the long term.

"I now have a sustainable lifestyle that easily maintains my weight, my health, and my fitness despite my hectic banker's schedule."

Can you tell us about your weight loss journey?

Hi, my name is Mark, I work in banking.  I’ve lost over 20 kilos and 16% body fat. I’ve trained in various other places before this, but the thing with ATP Personal Training and my coach Ivan is that he develops a sustainable, holistic approach to the program.


How has this approach impacted your life?

Well, now I feel great – I feel healthier, fitter, and I sleep better. I have more energy when I’m at work and when I’m spending time with my family. And the best part is that it’s been sustainable. I’m eating better foods, I’m sleeping better, and I keep training to maintain my weight, health, and fitness.


"The thing with ATP and with my coach Ivan, is that he uses a sustainable, holistic approach to the program."

Muscular arms with ATP Personal Training

How has this program impacted your personal and professional life?

It’s been amazing. Both my professional and family life are better and calmer because I sleep better, feel less stressed, and am able to think more clearly. I have more energy when I need it, and I’m able to fully engage in both work and family activities.

"ATP has made it flexible, so if I have a social engagement, I can get involved, but we just make adjustments, and this makes it a sustainable lifelong lifestyle change."


We spoke with Mark’s coach Ivan Wong about the transformation process.

What has Mark achieved?

As well as losing over 20kg and and a massive 20cm from his waist Mark has hit some really impressive performance goals in the gym.

When we started he had a lot of shoulder issues which we have addressed over time and he is now confidently pressing and pulling pain free. Most impressively he can now perform 10 strict pullups. This is a feat that he could only have dreamt of when he was substantially heavier before.

*Results will vary from individual to individual
**Results are based on each client’s circumstances.