ATP client Lloyd achieved weight loss of 20kg in 20 weeks!

"Lloyd, a financial sector worker overcame the stress of constant travel to achieve this staggering result. After losing a staggering 20kg, Lloyd has far more energy, self-confidence and the knowledge needed to continue his success. Read all about how Lloyd overhauled his life with ATP Personal Training:

What motivated you to decide to start changing your lifestyle with ATP Personal Training?

I was getting very out of shape and I knew that was unhealthy, so my desire to undertake my own transformation was the main motivator. Having seen the before and after photos of other clients, and knowing the process is fool proof, I was driven to improve my mental wellbeing and physical appearance.


Why did you decide that now was the right time to get started?

Having trained a lot when I was a teenager and into my early 20’s I really missed being active and strong. My initial goals were to lose fat and improve strength because I knew if I did that it would be easier to keep myself healthy going forwards.

What were the greatest challenges you faced?

Changing bad habits is always the hardest thing to do – they are called habits for a reason! Two things kept me motivated during my time at ATP. The first was seeing the weight drop off week by week and second was improving strength through the weight training. Support from my coach, friends, girlfriend and family helped tremendously as well.

What one thing would you recommend to someone who’s about to start their fitness journey?

I’d say don’t hesitate to try working with a personal trainer. It will completely change the way you feel about yourself, in the most positive way, and at the same time help set you on the right path for a healthy rest of your life.

I would recommend anyone to start their journey with ATP now – what’s the reasoning behind procrastinating any longer?

"I am very appreciative for the opportunity to work with everyone at ATP and I can honestly say it’s changed my life. The experience was worth it, every second."

How would you compare yourself from day one to now, in terms of fitness, mindset, physique and health?

When I arrived at ATP on day one, I was obviously out of shape.  I did not enjoy getting measured or weighed as it really brought home to me how much I had let myself go over the past few years.  My overall health had been getting worse and I sometimes thought it might be impossible to take back control of my lifestyle.

ATP has helped bring discipline back into my life which in turn helped me reach my goals. I learned a lot about the specific training we were doing, as well as managing the diet/macros that have resulted in such a large weight loss during my time training at ATP.

I’ve achieved my goal of a better state of mental wellbeing and physical appearance, giving me confidence in myself both physically and mentally.

What has surprised you about the process? How has the experience differed from your expectations?

Starting from day one getting weighed and having all my measurements taken was a bit of a shock to my ego, but only drove me to work harder to achieve the end goal.

Nutritional coaching was eye-opening. Learning more about what the body needs rather than what it wants and tailoring a diet to ensure I stuck to the goal of losing 1kg average a week. The gym workouts were tough, some days harder than others. Especially as my body was under a lot of stress both from the program and from my work life.

And honestly, I was surprised by how quickly the whole thing worked. I did not expect to lose so much weight so quickly!


Lloyd, Google Review

“I highly recommend ATP to anyone who is trying to improve their overall fitness or looking at getting into shape. Speaking from experience, the trainers are results driven, professional and dedicated to improving your state of health and well-being. ATP’s new gyms are state of the art and equipped with everything you need to take your training to the next level.”

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