Jeff wanted ATP Personal Training to show him how to workout better and how to cook healthily. The six-pack was an amazing bonus!

Jeff came to us hoping to learn how to do proper meal prep and get more defined and toned. He was already a member at a commercial gym, but needed extra guidance from a good personal trainer. The difference is amazing! The picture on the left was when he’d been training at his old gym. The impressive six-pack on the right is the result of working with an ATP Personal Training coach.

Now Jeff is confident he can maintain his new healthy lifestyle and new set of abs on his own with the knowledge he gained from his time with us.


"After training at ATP I have learned so much about the correct forms of exercise which make my workout more effective as well as the importance of healthy nutrition."


What made you decide to reach out to ATP Personal Training in the first place?

When I first reached out to ATP Personal Training, I wanted to learn how to train myself in a more systematic and structured way. Before that, I was working out on my own and I didn’t see any progress and didn’t know how to make the breakthrough. So I wanted help to get more toned and defined. I also didn’t really know how to prepare healthy food that would help me get lean and gain muscle so I wanted help with that.


How did your workouts and progress differ before and after you began working with ATP Personal Training?

After doing my program at ATP I have learned so much about the correct forms of exercises which make my workout more effective. I have far more awareness around muscular activation, correct tempo and even something as simple as selecting the correct weight!

"The biggest difference since I joined ATP Personal Training is that I have developed a sustainable routine for my workout and diet. "


Can you tell us more about the diet plan you followed and how it contributed to your success?

After following the diet plan, I have realized just how important a consistent and healthy eating habit is to achieve my goals. Before working with a coach I didn’t truly appreciate the impact of nutrition, and I certainly didn’t understand how to apply this to myself on a daily basis. I realised I wasn’t getting enough protein before and that was holding me back from gaining muscle.


What advice do you have for someone who is just starting their fitness journey and feeling overwhelmed or unmotivated?

For everyone who is still looking for a breakthrough, I encourage you to take the first step. It’s going to be tough and you are going to be persistent and disciplined to achieve the goal, but the results of healthy body and lifestyle will be rewarding.

The biggest change I made since I joined ATP Personal Training is that I have developed a routine for my workout and diet. When it becomes part of my daily routine, I can just keep the routine without extra efforts. After seeing the result, I am more confident in myself and I’m ready to maintain the healthy lifestyle in the long run.


"After seeing the result, I am more confident in myself and I'm ready to maintain the healthy lifestyle in the long run."


We spoke with Jeff’s coach Ivan about the transformation process

What was Jeff’s fitness goal and did he achieve it? 

Jeff aimed to gain weight, get more toned and more definition on his physique. In 6 months time, Jeff is now fitter, leaner and more muscular, starting at 19% body fat in May and ending at 9.5-10% body fat in time for a photoshoot, while at the same time gaining lean muscles.

What was the overall strategy used to help Jeff achieve his fitness goals?

The overall strategy was to have Jeff on maintenance calories for 4-6 weeks to ensure he was eating enough, then increase his calories by 25-30% while incorporating cardio 2-3 times a week for Phase 2. In the last few phases, the calorie intake was adjusted and slowly reduced to achieve the desired body fat and physique.


What was Jeff’s training program like?

Jeff’s training program consisted of four phases. Phase 1-2 focused on General Body Conditioning (GBC), working on techniques and tempo to get the most out of his foundation. Phase 3-4 had a bodybuilding focus on lats, shoulders, and legs, with heavier weight and lower rep counts. In the last 3 weeks, cardio was reduced while maintaining strong, quality training.  Because Jeff was used to the gym but because his potential it was possible to get lean and gain muscle in the same program.

What were some of the challenges Jeff faced and how were they overcome?

Jeff had difficulty building habits at the beginning, but after 6 weeks in Phase 1, he realized what it would take, and the conversation became easier. Technique-wise, he did not have any injuries, so that made it relatively simple to create a workout program that would advance him quickly.

How did you help Jeff achieve such an amazing 6-pack?

The important thing when trying to get a 6-pack is to make sure you’re lean enough. That’s why we worked on Jeff’s body fat at the same time as making sure he was maintaining or gaining muscle at all times.

*Results will vary from individual to individual
**Results are based on each client’s circumstances.