James came to ATP Personal Training "fat, depressed and definitely unhealthy". Read how he turned his health, lifestyle and body around and blasted through his weight loss goal.

After losing 15kg, dropping 6 inches from his waist and becoming the fittest he has ever been in his life, James walks us through the changes he made:

"I lost 8kg in the first 8 weeks which kept me motivated for more!"

How did you hear about ATP Personal Training?

ATP is fairly new on the scene, but I knew the manager who has been running successful personal training gyms for more than 4 years now so I was confident that his team was going to be the best.

What motivated you to sign-up with ATP and get started?

I was in such a bad place when it came to my self body image, self confidence and my general lifestyle. For me it was a sink or swim situation where if I didn’t make this work there was going to be some serious repercussions down the line with regards to my ability to make these changes on my own. I told myself I need to make this change.

I was about 15kg overweight, feeling terribly unfit and my lifestyle at the time was only going to make things worse. I was transitioning into a new job and I just wanted to feel good about myself.

I’ve made a full 180 from when I first started to now.  I was previously fat, depressed, unhealthy, unfit, drinking copious amounts of alcohol and always making up excuses as to why I wasn’t in shape.

"I now feel like a new man. I have never been so fit in my life before. I am more confident, stronger, leaner and most importantly – I have the knowledge to stay in shape year-round."

How did you achieve such an amazing result?

It was hard in the beginning, I won’t lie. It just showed me how out of whack my current lifestyle was. But I told myself to commit and stay dedicated.

Initially my friends gave me a bit of stick for not drinking as much as I would or committing to regular big nights out. But with what I wanted to work towards , I told myself to prioritise my health now. I can always join them on friday night drinks anytime, but now is the time to commit to myself.

Once I made that conscious decision to commit fully to the nutrition, training and positive lifestyle changes – I lost 8kg in the first 8 weeks! When I saw these results happening I was hooked. Before I started I had been a bit scared that I would finish my plan with ATP and just go back to my old ways and gain all that weight back.

But now that I’ve seen how easy it to maintain these habits and processes for the long term sustainably I have no fears eating what I want and going out for drinks with friends because I now have the knowledge to keep these processes and habits in place.

How has transforming your physique and overhauling your health impacted your daily life?

I’m more confident, disciplined, and more organised. I am fitting into my work clothes a whole lot better which I know is a physical thing but also a mental thing as it has given me far more confidence in my job and a whole lot more confidence in general. I can now walk into a room with my shoulders back feeling confident about myself because I look a lot better than I used to. I don’t think that’s a case of vanity. When you feel good within yourself you are projecting that out.

The effort I have put into planning my meals and exercise has crossed over into my work life. I’ve become a morning person by habit and I’ve never been so fit. Which feels amazing.

I am 100% more in touch with what I am eating and the effect it has on my body. I never really thought about my nutrition before. Booze and copious amounts of whatever food I wanted was the extent of my “diet”. I would have a big night out, then spend the weekend inactive, hungover and eating what I wanted.

My coaches have been very good at educating me along the way with regards to nutrition and how I can plan around and make small changes during the day and week so I can still enjoy a night out and not have to suffer the indulgent consequences.

What would you say to someone thinking about trying out ATP Personal Training for themselves?

All I can say is give it a go, commit to the program, be totally dedicated to the goal you want to achieve, because when you see those results happening you will be hooked!

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