"I lost 20kg and 30cm around my waist thanks to my ATP Personal Trainer"

Father and businessman Bryan talks us through how losing 20kg turned his life and health around above and beyond his expectations.

What was your original motivation for signing up with ATP Personal Training, and what’s your motivation to continue working with us?

The reason I initially signed up was to improve my health for my family.  However, after seeing my success, my wife also joined ATP.

How would you compare yourself on day 1 to now, in terms of fitness, mindset, physique, and health?

My original goal was to lose 12 kg.  I ended up losing 20kg and 30cm around my waist!  I didn’t think 20kg was a goal I could ever achieve so I was really quite shocked by the end result. My family was very impressed with my dedication in being able to achieve such a result. 

I can feel the changes in my body when I am out and about or when I am enjoying hobbies like wake surfing. Becoming fitter has also given me the motivation to get more involved in other sports like running and hiking.

I am far more educated overall on nutrition and know which foods I should be eating. I know how to arrange my meals for the day and I have started reading and understanding nutrition labels when I buy food which has really helped me stay on track.

How did you find the nutritional aspect of your health transformation?

If you’re focused on the goal you want to achieve, then I don’t think it’s really that hard at all.  The important thing is to trust your coach and understand that they have your best interests at heart. They are there to guide you each step of the way. 

"Take the time to find an experienced coach. It really does makes the world of difference to your results."

Imagine the difference that losing 30cm from your waist would make to your life!

It is well established that your waist size is related to all-cause mortality.  If your waist has been expanding since you became an adult it’s time to take control of your health in a sustainable way.  ATP Personal Training can help you with this by overhauling your lifestyle, from your diet to sleep habits, to supplements and of course your exercise program.

*Results will vary from individual to individual
**Results are based on each client’s circumstances.