"My greatest achievement with ATP Personal Training is the amount of body fat I have lost. I have been trying to reach this goal for the past 10 years and only now have I been able to achieve it."

"ATP helped me reach my goal that I never believed I could achieve before.”

What do you think has been your greatest achievement since trusting ATP with your health and fitness?

My greatest success with ATP has been the amount of body fat I have lost over the 4-month program. This is my greatest achievement because I had never been able to reach this goal for the past 10 years of my fitness experience. ATP provided me with the best diet and exercise recommendations and helped me get to where I never thought I could be before.

My sleeping and eating habits are the most noticeable changes in my lifestyle and my close friends and family are able to see them. My new lifestyle actually convinced them that even little changes we make each day can greatly affect the outcome.

I also became far more knowledgeable about my nutrition and started to eat in a much more healthy way.

Those close to me couldn’t believe I had made such a big change in just 4 months. After seeing my success first hand, my friends were eager to start a plan for themselves.

Arthur's exceptional transformation saw him lose 18kg and redefine what he thought was possible.

Chinese ATP Personal Training client Arthur looking good

How would you compare yourself on day 1 to now, in terms of fitness, mindset, physique, and health?

My fitness and physique has changed significantly from day 1 to now. I began to see my abs around two months after starting. This visible improvement helped changed my mindset and made it easier for me to adopt and implement some changes in my lifestyle and eating habits. These lifestyle changes then helped me develop an even better mindset and the final outcome certainly makes me happier than ever.


Was the nutrition aspect as hard as you expected?

Not at all! At first, I thought it would be a tough and long journey in terms of eating boring and “no taste” foods for months in order to achieve the goal I wanted. I thought my unpredictable work schedule would also add to the complexity of it. However, the recommendations from my ATP coach proved to me that I could achieve my goals simply by implementing small changes consistently.

"Take the time with your coach to find the right tailored plan for you and try your best to follow it - the results will come!"

How has this affected those that are close to you, has it inspired or motivated them to take action?

People close to me are actually surprised to see the amazing changes in my body. Once they found out that I achieved all this in just 4 months, some of my friends were inspired to start their own body transformation plan which makes me proud!

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**Results are based on each client’s circumstances.