5 Diet Hacks For Easier Weight Loss

Getting lean doesn’t have to be a complete and total overhaul of your lifestyle and eating habits. In fact, making small changes can be a better way to get started and keep you on course in the long run, as well as less miserable! With a few tweaks in your daily eating habits, you can experience great progress with surprisingly minimal effort. Try out these insider secrets from industry transformation experts and see how your body changes drastically over time.

1) Eat your protein first.

Filling up your plate with lean sources of protein (such as chicken and fish) before going for the starchy carbs (such as rice and potatoes) is an effective way to control your portion sizes without having to overthink.

2) Cook all of your meals at home.

The chef at that restaurant across the road from your office doesn’t care about your protruding gut; he cares about making your taste buds happy. Foods bought from outside – even from ‘healthy’ restaurants – are often overloaded with calorie-dense oils and fats. Having the same meal cooked at home will invariably have you eating fewer calories, especially as you have to watch yourself add all the ingredients!

3) Skip the carbs until dinner.

By avoiding all carbohydrates until the last meal of the day, you’ll experience better performance at work and in the gym. This is because you’re no longer experiencing the peaks and troughs in your blood sugar levels, which can cause you to crave delicious, high-calorie snacks. Keeping your body in a carb-depleted state until dinner will also have you burning more fat during the day as your body scurries its own resources (fat) for energy.

4) Add a healthy dose of fat to every meal.

Dietary fat supports a wide range of physiological functions that directly affect your body’s fat burning ability, such as hormone production and vitamin absorption. In addition, certain fats such as omega-3 (from fish) carry a potent anti-inflammatory effect, which can boost the rate at which your body uses its fat for energy. The good kind of fats come from avocados, nuts, olive oil, and fish.

5) Eat every 3-5 hours.

While the myth of the correlation between frequent feedings and faster metabolisms has mostly been debunked, eating every 3-5 hours will support your fat loss efforts by keeping your hunger signaling in control which means fewer breakdowns in discipline. When we go through long periods of time without food, it’s easy to gorge on junk food when given a chance (for example, at a social gathering where your willpower may be tested!). Ensuring that your body is being continuously fed with regular meals of protein, fat, and fiber will ensure that you can avoid the splurge.

Bonus tip:

Throw out all the junk food available in your kitchen cabinets and only keep healthier food options in the house, so that when you go hungry, you won’t have the quick-fix option of a big chocolate bar! Just be ready to explain to your spouse why you threw all their kit-kats away.

Follow all of these tips and you’ll see the inches drop off, especially if you combine them with a sensible exercise regime.

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