"This facility is one, if not the, most modern gyms I have trained in."

"All in all, location is awesome, trainer knowledge outstanding... I'll be using this centre for a long time to come."

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"Trainers are on board to get the best out of you."

"They are committed, attentive and fit the training to suit you. You are welcomed by a bright & Well thought out gym space and most importantly run by the most professional trainers in town."

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"Highly recommend this great service for achieving fitness goals!"

"Brand new facilities and equipment, clean and very professional. Working with Eric Ho as a trainer and is very knowledgeable and dedicated, even taking time outside sessions to check up to ensure that any plans are being followed. "

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"ATP is not like your big commercial gyms."

"There's no way I would be lifting the weights I am now without my personal trainer and I've seen so much progress, something that usually plateaus after a while and then I just give up!"

"ATP keeps me on track and keeps me going to I can finally get the physique I want."

"I would recommend ATP to anyone wanting to make a serious change in their lives."

"Amazing facilities with great personal trainers! Has everything you need and more. Spacious and clean. Trainers are so attentive to all your needs and always on hand to answer and questions you may have."

"Particularly, the trainer Josh has been excellent in my transformation so far, sharing his knowledge on not only exercise, but the nutritional side too (which can often be the difficult part)."

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"For me ATP is a lifelong commitment because of their unique approach and the positive changes I can feel in my body and mind! I look forward to every session with excitement!"

" Most impressive, though, is ATP’s unique approach to one’s fitness goals with a great attention to detail at all levels of training and diet! "

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"Speaking from experience, the trainers are results driven, professional and dedicated to improving your state of health and well-being."

" I highly recommend ATP to anyone who is trying to improve their overall fitness or looking at getting into shape. ATP’s new gym in the heart of Central HK is state of the art and equipped with everything you need to take your training to the next level."

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