Your Group Class, Worked Out

Want social, challenging and highly effective group class workouts? You're not alone.

ATP Hong Kong has developed group workout classes to provide intense, intelligent and inspiring training at a fraction of the cost, so more people can enjoy the benefits.

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What are Group Class Workouts?


Most find that group classes either don’t stimulate you enough or are too difficult. They fail to account for the unique capabilities of each individual in the room.

ATP group class workouts are unlike any other. For every level, from beginner to intermediate, whether you’re brand new to training or already have a few years experience under the bar, we ensure that every participant leaves feeling accomplished and victorious.

Our trainers are knowledgeable and experienced at adjusting the intensity for each client with precision so that everybody gains the most out of their workout in a safe and effective manner!

We deliberately limit the class size to a maximum of 8 people. At ATP we do not tolerate poor form or individuals feeling left out.  By minimizing the class size we can ensure our elite personal trainers can provide everyone with the attention they need.



Some of you might dread getting to the gym alone. You walk into a brand new gym and you see big strong men and lean, toned ladies and you feel intimidated, unsupported, judged. This is all very common for people simply seeking a new space to improve their health, fitness and look.

But imagine training in a group setting, a trainer walks around keeping a keen eye on your form. He asks you how you're doing and takes steps to make each rep more effective. As you grind out your last few reps, with every muscle in your body burning, wanting to give up. You think "I don't think I can keep going."

But then, you look over to the person on your left who’s working just as hard as you, feeling the same burn and struggling just as hard and suddenly, you just know you have to keep going!

Working out alone reduces accountability and that lack of scrutiny and support accounts for the majority of failed attempts at getting or staying in shape.

Being surrounded by a group of like-minded people and your own professional group trainer to guide you provides motivation, camaraderie and shared experiences as together you each progress towards your goals. 


The workouts are progressive by nature, so your trainer will keep an eye on your performance, finding new ways challenge your body, transforming into one that performs and looks better than you’d ever thought possible!

Accountability not only to your trainer but to others is a powerful tool to keep motivation levels topped up. We all know consistency is the key to health & fitness progress, and with others around you to motivate and drive you on, you'll want to stick with the programme and see your best results.


 Your First Class is Free!

Group workouts with ATP are the most fun I've had in a gym in years, I was expecting a bunch of hyper fit clones going through the motions but it's not like that at all. I recommend it for anyone looking for serious results from an enjoyable workout.

Will I be able to keep up?

Yes! Don't worry, all of our classes are scaled based on the needs of the participants. Even if you've never lifted weights before!

Our highly knowledgeable trainers are there to guide, educate and most of all motivate you to get the best out of yourself!


When are the classes?

Group classes are currently run on 

Monday, Wednesday Friday - 1230pm

Tuesday, Thursday 630am and 7pm 

Saturday 10am

More classes to come!

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